Building Contractor definition

Building Contractor means a contractor whose services are limited to construction of commercial buildings and single-dwelling or multiple-dwelling residential buildings, which do not exceed three stories in height, and accessory use structures in connection therewith or a contractor whose services are limited to remodeling, repair, or improvement of any size building if the services do not affect the structural members of the building.
Building Contractor means, subject to paragraphs (4) and (5), a person carrying on any business in the building or construction industry;
Building Contractor means the building contractor or developer appointed or to be appointed by the Grant Recipient in respect of a Firm Scheme; Business Day means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or a statutory Bank Holiday in England;

Examples of Building Contractor in a sentence

  • The Developer will also procure that the Building Contractor uses all reasonable endeavours to ensure that all timber used in the Project Works is obtained from a managed and regulated sustainable source.

  • Demolition of site elements shall be coordinated with the Engineer and the Building Contractor, who is currently under a separate contract with the Department, to preserve existing parking areas for layout space, parking, and access for the Building Contract.

More Definitions of Building Contractor

Building Contractor means such building contractor or building contractors appointed by the Tenant to carry out the Building Improvement Works.
Building Contractor means a registered general building contractor who is appointed under section 9(1) or (3) of the Buildings Ordinance to carry out building works for the Development;
Building Contractor means a person who builds, constructs, alters, repairs, adds to or demolishes a building or structure for a fixed sum, price, fee, percentage or other compensation, and for which a permit is required.
Building Contractor means a person who is employed or engaged—
Building Contractor means a person who carries on a business that consists of or includes carrying out building work, and includes a subcontractor who carries out building work for a building contractor;
Building Contractor means its employees and building sub-contractors and for the purpose of any claim against the Building Contractor in terms hereof, will include liability for any act or omission by any employee of the Building Contractor and/or its subcontractor and/or any person acting upon instructions of the Building Contractor in connection with the work to be undertaken by the Building Contractor, inclusive of persons effecting delivery of materials to the building site. It is the responsibility of the Building Contractor to inform the above mentioned parties of the contents and responsibilities regarding the code of conduct as prescribed by Developer/HOA.
Building Contractor means the building contractor[s] for the Project approved in advance in writing by LTA and appointed in terms of [a/the] Building Contract;