Architect definition

Architect means the person or other entity engaged by the PHA to perform architectural, engineering, design, and other services related to the work as provided for in the contract. When a PHA uses an engineer to act in this capacity, the terms “architect” and “engineer” shall be synonymous. The Architect shall serve as a technical representative of the Contracting Officer. The Architect’s authority is as set forth elsewhere in this contract.
Architect. “Engineer,” or “A/E” means a person or entity lawfully entitled to practice architecture or engineering, representing Owner within the limits of its delegated authority.
Architect means the architect employed by District to provide architecture and related services for the Project.

Examples of Architect in a sentence

  • JOB FAMILY: INTERNET PLANNING, ENGINEERING AND OPERATIONS Job Title: Internet/Web Architect Job#: 2610 General Characteristics Responsible for gathering business requirements and translating them into Internet/Web architecture to achieve business objectives.

  • JOB FAMILY: DATA STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT Job Title: Data Architect Job#: 1410 General Characteristics Responsible for enterprise-wide data design, balancing optimization of data access with batch loading and resource utilization factors.

  • JOB FAMILY: BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT Job Title: Business Intelligence Architect Job#: 3420 General Characteristics Responsible for leading the design and support of enterprise-wide business intelligence applications and architecture.

  • JOB FAMILY: NETWORK MANAGEMENT Job Title: Network Architect Job#: 2420 General Characteristics Responsible for high-level network planning, design, and optimization.

  • JOB FAMILY: APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT Job Title: Applications Architect Job#: 1220 General Characteristics Provides design recommendations based on long-term IT organization strategy.

More Definitions of Architect

Architect means every partner of the firm M/s Upal Ghosh Associates, New Delhi, appointed by the Institute for the work and in the event of ceasing to be the Architects, such other firms or persons as may be appointed by the Institute.
Architect or “Architect/Engineer” means any person or firm employed by the Commission for the purpose of designing the project.
Architect means the architect/s appointed by the Seller from time to time for the purposes of the Development;
Architect means a holder of a license, a certificate of practice, or a temporary license under the Architect’s Act as defined in the Building Code.
Architect means the person so designated in writing by the Commissioner in the Notice to Proceed or the Order to Work to act as such in relation to this Contract, including a private Architect or Engineer or Project Manager, as the case may be. Subject to written approval by the Commissioner, the Engineer, Architect or Project Manager may designate an authorized representative.
Architect means the Architect appointed or to be appointed from time to time by Promoter for the purpose of planning, designing and supervision of the construction of the Building(s).