Temporary license definition

Temporary license or "temporary licensure" means a license issued by the Division on a temporary basis to an applicant for initial licensure, renewal or reinstatement of licensure, or relicensure in accordance with Section 58-1-303.
Temporary license means a license issued on a short-term basis for a specified time pursuant to subrule 3.5(4).
Temporary license means a written authorization issued by the director to operate for a specified limited time period.

Examples of Temporary license in a sentence

  • Temporary license to practice medicine means a license to practice medicine for a limited duration issued pursuant to these rules.

  • Temporary license applications shall be completed and submitted online at calcannabis.cdfa.ca.gov or mailed to the department at P.O. Box 942871, Sacramento, CA 94271.

  • The board shall respond to a submitting pharmacist with comments, suggestions, and recommendations regarding the pharmacist’s CPD portfolio and processes.[ARC 0595C, IAB 2/6/13, effective 3/13/13; ARC 4579C, IAB 7/31/19, effective 9/4/19] 657—2.18(147,155A) Temporary license.

  • Temporary license applications may be completed and submitted online at www.bcc.ca.gov or completed in hard copy and submitted by delivering a printed copy to the Bureau’s office(s).

  • Temporary license for persons previously licensed in another state.

More Definitions of Temporary license

Temporary license means a current, time‑limited document that authorizes practice at the level for which one is seeking licensure.
Temporary license means a license that is issued by the
Temporary license means a license to practice marital and family therapy or mental health counseling under direct supervision of a qualified supervisor as determined by the board by rule to fulfill the postgraduate supervised clinical experience requirement in accordance with this chapter.
Temporary license means a license issued under section 4779.18 of the Revised Code, which renews on its own anniversary date, and which may only be renewed one time.
Temporary license means a certificate issued by the Board, authorizing the applicant to use radioactive materials or medical equipment emitting or detecting ionizing radiation for human diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, when licensure or relicensure is pending before the Board and when the issuance may be justified by special circumstances as determined by the Board.
Temporary license means a document issued by the Office of Licensing to a center that is in substantial compliance with the applicable provisions of this manual, provided that no serious or imminent hazard affecting the children exists in the center.
Temporary license means a preliminary license issued by the Commission, prior to action on an initial license application, with appropriate conditions, limitations or restrictions determined on a case-by-case basis.