Definition of Technical Representative

Technical Representative means the Person appointed by Owner in accordance with Section 21.3(d).

Examples of Technical Representative in a sentence

This scope of work change is in compliance with NANPAs Change Management protocol and most importantly per requirements as outlined in NANP Administrator Solicitation SOL03000001, Section H.9, Item 5, which states the following: If and when a change to the NANPA system is adopted by the NANC or the INC, the contractors liaison shall ensure that the proposed change is forwarded to the Contracting Officer and the Contracting Officers Technical Representative (COTR).
Within 15 (fifteen) days of such notification, Grantee shall notify the KSTC Technical Representative in writing of the alternate arrangements Grantee shall take to complete its obligation under this Grant Agreement.
The Contractor shall advise the Contracting Officers Technical Representative or designee in writing and via electronic communication in a timely manner of any issues potentially affecting contract performance.
The Contractor must provide data, reports, and presentations to groups of outside experts and USG personnel as required by the Contracting Officers Technical Representative in order to facilitate review of contract activities.
A copy of each such publication or report shall be provided to the KSTC Technical Representative.