County Engineer definition

County Engineer means the holder of the statutory office of County Engineer for Harris County or the employee designated by the County Engineer to perform a task required by these Regulations.
County Engineer means the County Engineer appointed pursuant to A.R.S. § 11-561.
County Engineer means an Engineer who has been appointed, employed or retained by the Commissioners Court to be responsible for review of all engineering matters concerning compliance of proposed subdivisions with these Rules. In the absence of the County Engineer, the Hidalgo County Subdivision Advisory Board or another entity or person duly appointed by Commissioners Court shall have the authority to act in place of the County Engineer insofar as these Rules are concerned.

Examples of County Engineer in a sentence

  • Sub-grades shall be cut to depths based upon soil conditions and as recommended by the subdivider’s registered professional engineer and back- filled with compacted granular material, or as recommended by a geotechnical engineer, and approved by the County Engineer.

  • Drawings showing all public improvements, as built, and a certification from the subdivider’s registered professional engineer that the improvements have been constructed in accordance with the requirements of this Ordinance shall be filed with the County Engineer following the installation of improvements.

  • Improvements within a subdivision that are completed after preliminary plat approval by the County Board but prior to final plat approval or execution of the development contract may be accepted as the required improvements, subject to the review and approval by the County Engineer.

  • Topographic, soil or environmental conditions that would be best served by a paved surface as recommended by the County Engineer.

  • The Contractor shall only perform work in the County right-of-way during such times and under such conditions as are allowed under Chapter 17.21 RCW, and as may be further limited by the County Engineer.

More Definitions of County Engineer

County Engineer means the most senior individual employed by the County with responsibilities for highways within the County or the person designated by such senior employee or such other person as may from time to time be designated by the Council of the County;
County Engineer means the person employed by County with the title of County Engineer, who is licensed to practice engineering in the State of Kansas.
County Engineer means an official of Pima County whose duties are set forth in A.R.S. Section 11-562 and 48-3603. The County Engineer is also the director of the Pima County Department of Transportation. (Ord. 2005 FC-2 § 2 (part), 2005; Ord. 1999 FC-1 § 1 (part),
County Engineer means County Engineer of Ottawa County, Ohio.
County Engineer means the County Engineer of Marshall County.
County Engineer means General Manager of Public Works Operations or any employee or agent of the Corporation designated by the said General Manager of Public Works Operations to act on their behalf;
County Engineer means the individual designated to serve in that position for the Corporation of the County of Middlesex duly passed via municipal by-law.