County Engineer definition

County Engineer means the County Engineer appointed pursuant to A.R.S. § 11-561.
County Engineer means an Engineer who has been appointed, employed or retained by the Commissioners Court to be responsible for all engineering matters concerning compliance of proposed subdivisions with these Rules. In the absence of the County Engineer, the Hidalgo County Subdivision Advisory Board or another entity or person duly appointed by Commissioners Court shall have the authority to act in place of the County Engineer insofar as these Rules are concerned.

Examples of County Engineer in a sentence

  • Elevation and location of the entire drainage system shall be approved by the County Engineer.

  • All drainage plans shall be submitted to the City or County Engineer for review.

  • The private roads must be designed and constructed to meet Hamilton County Engineer requirements for design, materials, and construction.

  • The limits of this additional 800 feet of drainage shall be determined by the County Engineer.

  • Such study and proposed improvements shall be approved by the Hamilton County Engineer or Ohio Department of Transportation.9.4.7 Zoning Certificate Requirements(A) The appropriate application and fee is submitted to the Colerain Township Zoning Department as required according to Article 2.11 (Fees).

More Definitions of County Engineer

County Engineer means the person employed by County with the title of County Engineer, who is licensed to practice engineering in the State of Kansas.
County Engineer means an official of Pima County whose duties are set forth in A.R.S. Section 11-562 and 48-3603. The County Engineer is also the director of the Pima County Department of Transportation. (Ord. 2005 FC-2 § 2 (part), 2005; Ord. 1999 FC-1 § 1 (part),
County Engineer means County Engineer of Ottawa County, Ohio.
County Engineer means the most senior individual employed by the County with responsibilities for highways within the County or the person designated by such senior employee or such other person as may from time to time be designated by the Council of the County;
County Engineer means the County Engineer of Marshall County.
County Engineer means the Kitsap County Road Engineer, having the authority specified in Chapter 11.22 of the Kitsap County Code and under RCW 36.75.050 and 36.80, or his/her assigned designee.
County Engineer means the Story County Engineer.