Definition of Construction Consultant

Construction Consultant means a third-party architect or engineer selected and retained by Funding Lender, at the cost and expense of Borrower, to monitor the progress of construction and/or rehabilitation of the Project and to inspect the Improvements to confirm compliance with this Borrower Loan Agreement.
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Examples of Construction Consultant in a sentence

Unless prohibited by applicable Law, all fees, costs, and expenses of Construction Consultant shall be paid by Borrower.
Borrower shall cooperate with Construction Consultant and will furnish to Construction Consultant such information and other material as Construction Consultant considers necessary or useful in performing its duties.
All conditions and requirements of this Agreement are for the sole benefit of Lender and no other person or party (including, without limitation, the Construction Consultant, the General Contractor and subcontractors (including, without limitation, Major Contractors and Major Subcontractors) and materialmen engaged in the construction of the Improvements) shall have the right to rely on the satisfaction of such conditions and requirements by Borrower.
Evidence satisfactory to Lender and the Construction Consultant that the Completion of the Improvements has occurred.
No Advance or any portion thereof shall be made with respect to defective work or to any contractor that has performed work that is defective and that has not been cured, as confirmed by the report of the Construction Consultant, but Lender may disburse all or part of any Advance before the sum shall become due if Lender believes it advisable to do so, and all such Advances or parts thereof shall be deemed to have been made pursuant to this Agreement.