Architects definition

Architects means any Architect whom the Vendors and the Builder have appointed as the Architects for the Project / Buildings time to time.
Architects means any Engineer/ representative appointed by M/S ABHIKRAM-S Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Planners, Valuers & Project Managers. #3-6-134, Flat No-302, SVC Royal DM Apartments, Street No-18, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad-500029.
Architects means any Engineer/ representative appointed by

Examples of Architects in a sentence

  • Payments are due and payable upon presentation of the Architect's invoice for services rendered and approved by Owner's board.

  • Any time during which the Architect is delayed in the Architect's work by acts of District or its employees or those in a direct contractual relationship with District or by acts of nature or other occurrences which were not or could not have been reasonably foreseen and provided for, and which are not due to any Wrongful Acts or Omissions, shall be added to the time for completion of any obligations of the Architect.

  • The Architect's consultants shall be employed or retained to DocuSign Envelope ID: D468A558-E3BB-44EF-B3FE-9250405155EC provide assistance during all aspects of the Project and will include, in addition to design services: review of schedules, shop drawings, samples, submittals, and requests for information.

  • The Architect's certification for payment shall constitute a representation to the Owner, based on the Architect's evaluation of the Work as provided in Section 3.6.2 and on the data comprising the Contractor's Application for Payment, that, to the best of the Architect's knowledge, information and belief, the Work has progressed to the point indicated, the quality of the Work is in accordance with the Contract Documents, and that the Contractor is entitled to payment in the amount certified.

  • Except for services required due to the fault of the Architect, any Additional Services provided in accordance with this Section 4.2 shall entitle the Architect to compensation pursuant to Section 11.3 and an appropriate adjustment in the Architect's schedule.

More Definitions of Architects

Architects means any Engineer/ representative appointed by M/S MAPE CONNOISSEURS (Milind Architectural, Interior & Pankaj Engineering Connoisseurs), Barkatpura, Hyderabad.
Architects means the Architects Employed by Baroda UP Bank to give consultancy. a) Contractor means the individual, firm or Company with whom the contract is entered into and includes the heirs, executors, or successors. b) The expression Contract means the document forming the Tender and acceptance thereof and included all the sections of the tender including BOQ and set of drawings. c) Tender means the offer made by an individual or firm or company for execution of the works. d) Acceptance of Tender means the letter from the Employer communicating to the tenderer the acceptance of this tender and include the advance acceptance of his tender.
Architects means M/s. Salient, the Architects appointed by the Developer or such other Architect as the Developer may appoint from time to time for the building complex.
Architects means any Engineer/ representative appointed by M/s Murty & Manyam, Hyderabad.
Architects means Architect Sanon Sen & Associates Private Limited of 0, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Kolkata 700071 who have been appointed as the architects for Buildings by the Promoter and/or such other Architects whom the Promoter may from time to time appoint as the Architects for the Buildings;
Architects means any Architect whom the Vendor/Builder have appointed as the Architects for the Project / Buildings time to time.
Architects means the architect/s of the Association from time to time, provided that for the duration of the Development Period the Developer may appoint the architect/s.