Less than Six Hours Sample Clauses

Less than Six Hours. Employees who work three (3) or more, but less than six (6) hours in a day are entitled to one (1) paid-time rest break.
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Related to Less than Six Hours

  • Extra Hours All authorized work performed in excess of the employee’s 25 regular work day or work year shall be paid at the regular rate of pay, unless in 26 conflict with the applicable supplemental contract. Employees shall receive 27 payment for extra hours worked according to Article 10.05(1)(e).

  • Shift Hours All shifts assigned by the Employer must conform with the following guidelines:

  • Summer Hours a) Every year, for a period of ten (10) weeks, from mid-June to mid-August (exact dates to be posted by the Human Resources Department) the length of the regular work week is reduced by three (3) hours without reduction in remuneration.

  • Hours For the purposes of an unpaid 7.5-hour shift, the deduction from pay shall equate to 9.375 hours.

  • After Hours PCPs and specialty Provider contracts shall provide coverage for their respective practices twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week and have a published after hours telephone number; voicemail alone after hours is not acceptable.

  • Ordinary Hours (a) The ordinary hours of work of full-time Employees shall be 36 hours per week and may be worked in accordance with this clause.

  • Minimum Hours An employee starting work in any day and being sent home before completing four (4) hours of work shall be paid for four (4) hours. An employee reporting for work sent home before commencing work shall be paid for two (2) hours at regular rates. This clause shall not apply to:

  • Consecutive Hours The regular hours of work each day shall be consecutive except that they may be interrupted by unpaid lunch periods. No split shifts will be implemented without the mutual agreement of the Local Union and the Appointing Authority. Each party may cancel such agreement with thirty (30) days written notice to the other party.

  • Overtime Hours Except as otherwise provided in this section, all hours worked in excess of the established work day, before or after an employee's regular scheduled shift, or on any regularly scheduled day off, shall be considered overtime. All paid vacation time, paid holidays, paid sick leave, compensatory time off, and paid leaves of absence shall be considered as "time worked" for purposes of this Article. Part-time employees whose established work day is less than eight (8) hours shall not be considered to be working overtime until having completed eight (8) hours of work.

  • Credit Hours Credit hours are hours that an employee elects to work, with supervisory approval, in excess of the employees basic work requirement under a flexible work schedule. Credit hours may only be accrued under a flexible work schedule. Employees must notify their direct supervisor of their intent to earn credit hours and the duties to be performed at least four (4) hours in advance of the time. Management will respond and approve the credit hours if the work is assigned duties that could not have been performed during a normal tour of duty. Credit hours used are considered hours worked.