Transportation Facilities definition

Transportation Facilities means any physical facility that moves or assist in the movement of people or goods including facilities identified in OAR 660-012-0020 but excluding electricity, sewage, and water systems.
Transportation Facilities means the pipelines, pumps, compressors, tanks, meters, and other transportation facilities that are built by Operator beyond the Transfer Point(s) for transporting Petroleum pursuant to this Contract.
Transportation Facilities means the following uses as defined in Chapter 23.84, Definitions:

Examples of Transportation Facilities in a sentence

  • BPDB shall, upon request by the Company which shall not be made earlier than one hundred and twenty (120) Days after the Project Effective Date, grant to the Company such, easements and rights-of-way above and beneath the Access Road Corridor as may be necessary for the purposes incidental to the construction and/or the operation of the Transportation Facilities, the Company Transportation Facilities and the Company Communication Facilities.

  • Accessibility Requirements: For door hardware on doors in an accessible route, comply with [the USDOJ's "2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design"] [the DOT's "ADA Standards for Transportation Facilities"] [the ABA standards of the Federal agency having jurisdiction] [ICC A117.1] [HUD's "Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines"] [and] <Insert regulation>.

More Definitions of Transportation Facilities

Transportation Facilities means any tangible means of moving people and things from place to place or the structures necessary to support the process of moving people and things from place to place.
Transportation Facilities means highways, turnpikes, airports, railroads, including high-speed railroads, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, waterways, pipelines, electric utility facilities, communication lines and facilities, public transportation facilities, port facilities, and facilities appurtenant to other transportation facilities.
Transportation Facilities means those facilities constructed for moving any oil, natural gas or associated natural resource from the place of production to the closest point of sale or to a processing plant.
Transportation Facilities means lands, improvements to land, and equipment meeting the definition of Capital Improvement, used for the system of traffic signals and for the widening of bridges on arterial and collector roads, included in the calculation of the Road Impact Fee in the Development Impact Fee Study, and consistent with the Capital Improvements Element, and specifically including those related costs included in the definition of System Improvement Costs, but not including maintenance, operations, or improvements that do not expand capacity. (Ord. 985
Transportation Facilities means and refers to streets and roads, but includes all publicly owned streets, roads, alleys and right-of-ways within the City and street services, traffic control devices, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and related facilities and improvements.
Transportation Facilities means anything that is built, installed, or established to provide a means of transport from one place to another.
Transportation Facilities means the physical improvements used to move people and goods from one place to another (i.e., streets, sidewalks, pathways, bike lanes, airports, transit stations and bus stops, etc.).