Sanitary facilities definition

Sanitary facilities means toilets (including urinals), hand‑wash basins and units for the disposal of sanitary items.
Sanitary facilities means piping and fixtures, such as sinks, lavatories, showers, and toilets, supplied with potable water and drained by wastewater piping.
Sanitary facilities means toilet, privies, lavatories, urinals, drinking fountains, and any service building or room provided for installation and use of these units.

Examples of Sanitary facilities in a sentence

  • Sanitary facilities, including toilets, wash facilities, and drinking-water facilities.

  • The following shall be established, constructed, or provided at the landfill site: A) Sanitary facilities and shelter shall be available for site personnel.

  • The Govt will continue to support and strengthen Housing, Drinking water, Sanitary facilities, inputs for Agriculture/Horticulture in the form of Technology, Farm implements and Machinery, Seeds fertilisers, Storage processing marketing livelihood opportunities , Education, Health care and required training, skill, tools and equipment to restart the previous or new livelihood options as part of post disaster recovery.

  • Prison conditions: • Television; • Sanitary facilities; • Regular cleaning and spraying against mosquitoes and fleas; • Optimal lighting and water supply; • Locations are kept clean, daily; • Clean drinking water available; • Kitchens are kept clean and are regularly inspected.

  • Sanitary facilities shall be provided by the Contractor at proper intervals along the street or on the project site.

More Definitions of Sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities means sanitary sewers, force mains, lift or pumping stations, and facilities for the treatment, disposal, impoundment, or storage of wastes; equipment and furnishings; and all required appurtenances and necessary real estate and interests in real estate.
Sanitary facilities means any toilet and toilet tank, urinal, bathtub, shower or hand basin;
Sanitary facilities means a designated area that includes a toilet and sink and may include a shower or urinal.
Sanitary facilities means any water closet, urinal, bathtub, shower or hand basin.
Sanitary facilities means all pipes, fixtures, fittings, treatment facilities, disposal facilities, wells, water containers and any other equipment or material used in connection with, and for the purposes of, the provision of water supply and sewage treatment and disposal;
Sanitary facilities means on site facilities intended for the washing of hands and toilets, of sufficient number to accommodate the number of persons intended to attend or participate at an event.
Sanitary facilities means such facilities, devices and systems within a Building used for or useful in collection and Discharge of Sanitary Wastewater into the Wastewater Facilities or Private Sewer, as applicable.