Software Configuration Sample Clauses

Software Configuration. We will exercise industry standard practices to ensure that all preinstalled software is correctly configured. If there is more than one way to configure the software, We will choose the configuration We determine, in our sole discretion, to be the most appropriate.
Software Configuration. Submit a Configuration Plan that describes how the provided software service will be configured to meet City needs as documented. Configuration Plan is to include the following: Modifying screens, menus, reports, and adding user-defined fields to adapt to the City's needs, including any custom programming. The City of Fort Xxxxxxx would be licensing “Consumer Off The Shelf Software” (COTS) from Professional to meet the needs documented by the City. Each data extract that the City chooses to automatically publish to Professional will have their own workflow, and those processes can change and grow over time as the Open Data Program within the City of Fort Xxxxxxx grows. Since Professional is working with pre-existing data, there is nothing that will need to be added to the existing line of business systems in order to deliver this open data program. The citizen-facing catalog landing page is a Professional-powered web page that we manage on behalf of the customers that we serve. The City of Fort Xxxxxxx will be able to choose from a number of design templates to help define the look and feel that best meets its branding requirements, and Professional will then configure the platform to achieve this design direction.
Software Configuration. You understand that the Software can be configured and used in ways that do and do not comply with Laws and it is Your sole responsibility to monitor its compliance and Your employee’s compliance with all relevant Laws.
Software Configuration. PrimCAM is installed on your computer now. If you made a new installation and not an update, you have to set the necessary parameters for machine control, postprocessors and so forth inside PrimCAM. Start PrimCAM from the windows start menu or from the program group it is installed in. Change to the menu settings, which serves to configure the system. Put the mousecursor on the icon for settings, which is at the top of the screen’s right border, and click the left mousebutton. Choose the function for setting the system parameters by putting the mousecursor on the icon PAR and click the left mousebutton. Set the initial drawing area and prototype. The initial drawing area sets the size of the drawing when you start a new drawing. The optional prototype is always copied into the new drawing and could consist of a company header for example. You can also set the size of the construction lines here. Set time for automatic saving allows you to set the timegaps in which the system automatically saves your work. Timegaps from 1 to 60 minutes are available. The red point on the field next to a number stands for the selected timegap. The automatical saving is activated
Software Configuration. Unless otherwise mutually agreed to between the parties, for those Goods comprising "systems" requiring software configuration as specified on a Valid Requisition or in accordance with the Agreement, MZI agrees to follow the "Configuration Procedures for Standard and Non-Standard Systems" as outlined below in this Exhibit D. Microsoft reserves the right to change or update these procedures from time to time. CONFIGURATION PROCEDURES FOR CPU'S This section details the software to be loaded and from where it will be loaded. Additionally, the responsibility of and for the software and supporting files will be discussed.
Software Configuration. After comparing gas values between the Cylinder Gas Label and the Software Configuration, when consistent, proceed to the next paragraph. If inconsistent, refer to Chapter 3 to update software configuration then download the updated configuration to the ABC. Note: The Multi-gas ABC can have up to 3 gas inputs, therefore 3 gas cylinders labels and configurations to compare.
Software Configuration. Submit a Configuration Plan that describes how the provided software service will be configured to meet City needs as documented. Configuration Plan is to include the following: Modifying screens, menus, reports, and adding user-defined fields to adapt to the City's needs, including any custom programming.
Software Configuration. Customer shall provide QSI with accurate configuration information, screen shots, or other related documentation as required for a support request.

Related to Software Configuration

  • Configuration 3.1 Subject to the provisions of Article 3.2, below, the configuration for the Option Aircraft will be the Detail Specification for model 737-900ER aircraft at the revision level in effect at the time of Definitive Agreement (as defined below). Such Detail Specification will be revised to include (i) changes applicable to the Detail Specification that are developed by Boeing between the Option Exercise Date (as defined below) and the signing of the Definitive Agreement, (ii) changes required to obtain required regulatory certificates, and (iii) other changes as mutually agreed.

  • Server Software Subject to the terms and conditions of this XXXX, Vocera grants you the non-exclusive right to (i) install and run (“Use”) the Server Software on computer systems (each, a “Server Computer”) located at End User’s Facilities in the geographic territory designated above (“Territory”); (ii) to Use the Client Software in conjunction with Authorized Client Devices and such Server Computers; and (iii) for pilot licenses for certain Software provided on a trial basis, use such Software for the limited term specified by Vocera in writing. You may Use the standard Server Software on one primary Server Computer (or a primary cluster of computers suitably configured for productive use of the Server Software). You may install backup copies of the Server Software on backup Server Computers to provide redundancy in the event of failure of the primary Server Computer(s) but, unless you have acquired additional licenses or a failover license from Vocera, you may not run such backup or additional copies concurrently with the primary copies. Vocera grants you the right to use the applicable License Key issued by Vocera only to enable Use of the Server Software in conjunction with the licensed Server Computers. Server Software may be licensed for a Subscription Term as specified in the Quote.

  • Software Updates XXXXX agrees to keep current with software licensed from Skyward and will install new versions on a timeline approved by XXXXX governance. This timeline will be communicated by NWRDC to the Districts. School District Workstations Configuration requirements for devices and their software that school district personnel use to access WSIPC’s software modules can be found on our website: xxxxx://‐team/. State Reports XXXXX will provide, at no additional fee, all data reports required by the state that impact 50% or more of the school districts in the state. WSIPC and NWRDC will work with state agencies to gather requirements on the required data. WSIPC will inform NWRDC staff of any mandated changes to state reports and NWRDC will communicate the information to the District. Appendix B NWRDC FTE Fees Fiscal Only NWRDC Software Support Services XXXXX Software Licensing Total FTE Fee $13.63 $20.34 $33.97 $15.56 $13.08 $28.64 $24.52 $20.34 $44.86 Student Only Full Service

  • Interoperability To the extent required by applicable law, Cisco shall provide You with the interface information needed to achieve interoperability between the Software and another independently created program. Cisco will provide this interface information at Your written request after you pay Cisco’s licensing fees (if any). You will keep this information in strict confidence and strictly follow any applicable terms and conditions upon which Cisco makes such information available.

  • Software Upgrades Upgrade versions of licensed software/apps are available from time to time. Students will be required to check in their iPads for periodic updates and syncing.

  • Functionality For the period of one (1) year following the Effective Date, Insecure represents and warrants to Licensee that the unmodified Nmap Technology shall operate in the manner documented, and covenants that upon notification to Insecure of any errors, Insecure will, during its normal business hours and at no cost to Licensee, use reasonable efforts to correct such errors which are reproducible and verifiable by Insecure. To ensure that Nmap Technology meets Licensee’s needs, Insecure has made it freely available for testing at xxxx:// Licensee is encouraged to test it before executing this Agreement.

  • Architecture All Redeveloper Improvements shall have consistent architectural features, detailing, and design elements in accordance with the Project Schematic Drawings. All accessory building walls, screening walls, or fences shall use the same primary material, color, and detailing as on the main buildings, unless shown differently on approved Exterior Construction Documents.

  • Configuration Management The Contractor shall maintain a configuration management program, which shall provide for the administrative and functional systems necessary for configuration identification, control, status accounting and reporting, to ensure configuration identity with the UCEU and associated cables produced by the Contractor. The Contractor shall maintain a Contractor approved Configuration Management Plan that complies with ANSI/EIA-649 2011. Notwithstanding ANSI/EIA-649 2011, the Contractor’s configuration management program shall comply with the VLS Configuration Management Plans, TL130-AD-PLN-010-VLS, and shall comply with the following:

  • Customization ICP shall customize the ICP Sites for AOL Members as follows: