Included Program definition

Included Program means each Television Episode that Licensee is required to license for exhibition on an FVOD basis hereunder, in accordance with Section 4.1 of the Principal Terms.

Examples of Included Program in a sentence

  • Google may update the TOS in its sole discretion but shall include in any modified TOS provisions that include the following concepts: (i) that the End User is obtaining a license under copyright to the Included Programs, and (ii) except the rights explicitly granted to End User, all rights in the Included Program are reserved by Google and/or Provider.

  • Google will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify Provider as soon as possible of any unauthorized transmissions or exhibitions of any Included Program of which it becomes aware.

  • Such reports will contain at a minimum, on a Included Program basis for all Provider Content and Monetized Content: (i) the total views and revenue generated for the month; (ii) the daily views and revenue generated; and (iii) the total views and revenue generated on a territory-by-territory basis.

  • Without limiting any other obligation of Google hereunder, prior to making an Included Program available hereunder, Google shall (i) provide conspicuous notice of the terms and conditions pursuant to which End Users may use the YouTube Website and receive Included Programs (“Terms of Service” or “TOS”).

More Definitions of Included Program

Included Program means a VOD Included Program or an ODRL Included Program.
Included Program means each Episode and Feature Film made available by Studio to Comcast and selected by Comcast for distribution on a DHE basis hereunder.
Included Program means VOD Included Program or SVOD Included Program, as applicable.
Included Program means each television series or feature film specified in Schedule A attached hereto (as may be amended or supplemented upon mutual written agreement of the parties);), or as may be included hereunder pursuant to Section 7, and any Additional Programs (as defined in Section 5; it being understood that, with respect to television series, only the specific season(s) and episodes thereof specified in Schedule A are included hereunder). For purposes of clarification and not of limitation, “Included Programs” shall include only the Included Programs licensed by Licensee under this Agreement and shall not relate to any other versions of such films licensed by Licensee pursuant to any other agreement.
Included Program means each Minisode that Licensee is required to license for exhibition on an SVOD basis hereunder (“SVOD Included Program”) and each Minisode that Licensee is required to license for exhibition on an FVOD basis hereunder (“FVOD Included Program”), in accordance with Section 3.1 of the Principal Terms.
Included Program means each feature-length program (regardless of what medium such program was first released) designated by Licensor and each mutually-agreed (email to suffice) Television Episodes (by complete season unless otherwise agreed), in each case for which Licensor unilaterally controls without restriction all necessary exploitation rights, licenses and approvals, that is made available by Licensor to Licensee for license on a DHE basis in the Territory (subject to Section 2.6 below and it being agreed that Included Programs may vary by Territory) and licensed by Licensee hereunder, including (subject to Section 10.2 below) Extra Content associated therewith.