Transportation Expenses Sample Clauses

Transportation Expenses. (a) When an employee is required to report for work and reports under the conditions described in paragraphs 28.05(c), and 28.06(a), and is required to use transportation services other than normal public transportation services, the employee shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred as follows:
Transportation Expenses. The purpose of this Article is to pay reasonable expenses on behalf of the Employee. It is not intended to be a source of supplementary income. The Employer may require each Employee who receives a transportation allowance to sign a Canada Customs and Revenue Agency TD4E Declaration of Exemption Form, or its equivalent declaring that they qualify for and have incurred expenses for transportation in the amount of the allowance. The transportation expense shall be the vehicle allowance rate published by Canada Revenue Agency for the maximum rate (generally for the first 5,000 km). The transportation expense shall be adjusted as the CRA rate changes and becomes effective on the same date as the next wage adjustments.
Transportation Expenses. The School District will provide a school vehicle for transportation needed in the performance of the Superintendent's official duties. If a school vehicle is unavailable, the reasonable and necessary expenses of transportation required in the performance of Superintendent’s official duties shall be reimbursed at the rate set by the Board for District travel.
Transportation Expenses. 2 To the extent permitted by law, Transportation Assistance Plan (TRP) 3 accounts, which allow employees to pay for Transit and parking with pre-tax wages, will be 4 available according to the terms of the Multnomah County Transportation Expense Plan, as 5 may be modified from time to time.
Transportation Expenses. A. In addition, we will pay, without application of a deductible, up to a maximum of $600 for:
Transportation Expenses. When an employee is required to work non-contiguous overtime (including call- back) and is required to use his or her own vehicle, the employee's entitlement to transportation costs will be as provided in the NCJC Travel Programs.
Transportation Expenses. Transportation expenses shall be at the expense of the Operator if such Parts are shipped to and from IAE for examination and verification; except that IAE shall pay the expense if such Parts are shipped at the request of IAE.
Transportation Expenses. In addition to the Salary, the Company shall pay the Employee a monthly reimbursement of transportation expenses from Employee’s home to his work and back, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as in effect from time to time.
Transportation Expenses. The District will pay the Superintendent a vehicle allowance of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) per month for in-district travel in the performance of the Superintendent’s duties in lieu of reimbursement for expenses for such travel. For purposes of determining the extent to which the vehicle allowance is taxable, if any, the Superintendent shall be responsible for maintaining documentation of the actual expenses incurred related to travel in the performance of the Superintendent’s duties. For out-of- district travel, to the extent a school vehicle is not provided or is not available to the Superintendent, the Superintendent shall be reimbursed for the use of the Superintendent’s personal vehicle in the performance of the Superintendent’s duties at the mileage reimbursement rate established by the Department of Administrative Services under State Statute Section 81-1176 in effect at the time of the travel.