Wage Adjustments Sample Clauses

Wage Adjustments a. 2018: Effective the first full pay period on or after January 1, 2018, the first step in each salary range shall increase by one percent (1%).
Wage Adjustments. If the funding available to be used for wages provided by Government in any fiscal year increases, the Employer shall pass on such increases to employees consistent with the funding increase adjusted for any additional deficits that this contract incurs. This will be the case whether the funding increase is for the entire year or simply a portion of it, and wage increases shall be effective upon the effective date of the increased funding. Should there be no increase provided by Government, wages will be maintained at their present levels. Should there be a decrease in funding, then the Employer will maintain wages at present levels. The Employer will promptly provide the Union with any information it receives from the Government regarding funding available for wages, and the parties will meet as required to work towards cooperative resolution of any issues arising from this Government information.
Wage Adjustments. The salary increases are:
Wage Adjustments. 11/1/1 The Employer agrees to provide WLEA employees covered by this Agreement the wage adjustments and/or lump sum wage payments in the order set forth below:
Wage Adjustments. A. Salaries for job classifications in this unit are as shown in Attachments A, B, C, and D, with general increases scheduled as follows:
Wage Adjustments. 12.1 This clause refers to the wages schedules appearing in “Appendix 2: Parity Wages”.
Wage Adjustments. 8.02 a) The following represents the Parties’ agreement concerning compensation:
Wage Adjustments. 6.1 This clause refers to the wages schedules appearing in Appendix 1: Parity Wages.
Wage Adjustments. 11/1/1 The Employer agrees to provide all eligible employees covered by this Agreement the following wage adjustments:
Wage Adjustments. 10 4.3.1 Following the October 31, 20194 salary scale transition adjustments, a 11 nurse who has completed another year of service by October 31,of each 12 year beginning 202015 , will be eligible to move to the next step as shown 13 in the Salary Schedule at Appendix A.