Transaction Receipt Sample Clauses

Transaction Receipt shall refer to the paper receipt generated by the POS terminal after each successful transaction processed thereat using a BancNet Card.
Transaction Receipt. Unless PayPlus has agreed in writing that we will provide the transaction receipt to the WeChat Pay User, you must give the WeChat Pay User a copy of the Transaction Receipt for each transaction at the conclusion of the purchase transaction that includes all information required under WeChat Pay rules and applicable law, but you must not charge a fee for doing so.If you are notified that you must prepare the Transaction Receipt, you must ensure the information contained in the Transaction Receipt: (a) is identical with the information on any other copy; and (b) legibly includes the information notified to you. You must provide PayPlus with the Transaction Receipt and any other required evidence of the transaction within seven days if you are asked by PayPlus to provide it. If you wish to change your Internet or email address, or telephone number appearing on the Transaction Receipt, you must notify PayPlus in writing at least 15 Banking Days prior to the change taking effect.
Transaction Receipt. You will get a receipt at the time you make any transaction (except inquiries) involving your account using a ATM, POS terminal or Check Card transactions with participating merchants.

Related to Transaction Receipt

FICASH I Transaction and "FICASH III Transaction " shall mean a repurchase transaction in which the Repurchase Date is the Banking Day next following the Sale Date and for which securities issued by the government of the United States of America that are direct obligations of the government of the United States of America shall constitute Eligible Securities.
Third Party Foreign Exchange Transactions The Custodian shall process foreign exchange transactions (including without limitation contracts, futures, options, and options on futures), where any third party acts as principal counterparty to the Trust on the same basis, if any, that it performs duties as agent for the Trust with respect to any other of the Trust’s investments. Accordingly, the Custodian shall only be responsible for delivering or receiving currency on behalf of the Trust in respect of such contracts pursuant to Written Instructions. The Custodian shall not be responsible for the failure of any counterparty (including any Sub-custodian) in such agency transaction to perform its obligations thereunder. The Custodian (a) shall transmit cash and Written Instructions to and from the currency broker or banking institution with which a foreign exchange contract or option has been executed pursuant hereto, (b) may make free outgoing payments of cash in the form of Dollars or foreign currency without receiving confirmation of a foreign exchange contract or option or confirmation that the countervalue currency completing the foreign exchange contract has been delivered or received or that the option has been delivered or received, (c) may, in connection with cash payments made to third party currency broker/dealers for settlement of the Trust’s foreign exchange spot or forward transactions, foreign exchange swap transactions and similar foreign exchange transactions, process settlements using the banking facilities selected by Custodian from time to time according to such banking facilities standard terms, and (d) shall hold all confirmations, certificates and other documents and agreements received by the Custodian and evidencing or relating to such foreign exchange transactions in safekeeping. The Trust accepts full responsibility for its use of third-party foreign exchange dealers and for execution of said foreign exchange contracts and options and understands that the Trust shall be responsible for any and all costs and interest charges which may be incurred by the Trust or the Custodian as a result of the failure or delay of third parties to deliver foreign exchange.
Transaction Agreements This Agreement, the Company Shares, the Warrants and the Registration Rights Agreement (collectively, the "Primary Documents") and the transactions contemplated hereby and thereby have been duly and validly authorized by the Company; the Primary Documents have been duly executed and delivered by the Company and are each the legal, valid and binding agreement of the Company, enforceable in accordance with their respective terms, except to the extent that enforcement of each agreement may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, moratorium, fraudulent conveyance or other similar laws now or hereafter in effect relating to creditors' rights generally and to general principles of equity.
Transaction Processing All orders are subject to acceptance by us and by the Fund or its transfer agent, and become effective only upon confirmation by us. If required by law, each transaction shall be confirmed in writing on a fully disclosed basis and if confirmed by us, a copy of each confirmation shall be sent to you if you so request. All sales are made subject to receipt of shares by us from the Funds. We reserve the right in our discretion, without notice, to suspend the sale of shares of the Funds or withdraw the offering of shares of the Funds entirely. Orders will be effected at the price(s) next computed on the day they are received if, as set forth in the applicable Fund’s current Prospectus, the orders are received by us or an agent appointed by us or the Fund prior to the close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange, generally 4:00 p.m. eastern time (“Close of Trading”). Orders received after that time will be effected at the price(s) computed on the next business day. All orders must be accompanied by payment in U.S. Dollars. Orders payable by check must be drawn payable in U.S. Dollars on a U.S. bank, for the full amount of the investment. If you have entered into a FundSERV Agreement with us to effect transactions in Fund shares through FundSERV, you are hereby authorized to act on our behalf for the limited purpose of receiving purchase, exchange and redemption orders for Fund shares executed through FundSERV. You represent and warrant that all orders for the purchase, exchange or redemption of Fund shares transmitted to FundSERV for processing on or as of a given business day (Day 1) shall have been received by you prior to the Close of Trading on Day 1. Such orders shall receive the share price next calculated following the Close of Trading on Day 1 .You represent and warrant that orders received by you after the Close of Trading on Day 1 shall be treated by you and transmitted to FundSERV as if received on the next business day (Day 2). Such orders shall receive the share price next calculated following the Close of Trading on Day 2. You represent that you have systems in place reasonably designed to prevent orders received after the Close of Trading on Day 1 from being executed with orders received before the Close of Trading on Day 1.
Transaction Person with respect to a Transaction shall mean (i) any Person who (x) is or will become an Acquiring Person or a Principal Party (as such term is hereinafter defined) if the Transaction were to be consummated and (y) directly or indirectly proposed or nominated a director of the Company which director is in office at the time of consideration of the Transaction, or (ii) an Affiliate or Associate of such a Person.
Transaction Information The Adviser shall furnish to the Trust such information concerning portfolio transactions as may be necessary to enable the Trust or its designated agent to perform such compliance testing on the Funds and the Adviser’s services as the Trust may, in its sole discretion, determine to be appropriate. The provision of such information by the Adviser to the Trust or its designated agent in no way relieves the Adviser of its own responsibilities under this Agreement.
Transaction Reports Subadviser shall provide the Fund's custodian on each business day with information relating to all transactions concerning the Fund's assets and shall provide AEFC with such information upon AEFC's request.
Transaction Holder hereby agrees to purchase from the Company, and the Company has offered and hereby agrees to issue and sell to Holder in a transaction exempt from the registration and prospectus delivery requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), the Debenture.
Agency Cross Transactions From time to time, the Sub-Advisor or brokers or dealers affiliated with it may find themselves in a position to buy for certain of their brokerage clients (each an “Account”) securities which the Sub-Advisor’s investment advisory clients wish to sell, and to sell for certain of their brokerage clients securities which advisory clients wish to buy. Where one of the parties is an advisory client, the Advisor or the affiliated broker or dealer cannot participate in this type of transaction (known as a cross transaction) on behalf of an advisory client and retain commissions from both parties to the transaction without the advisory client’s consent. This is because in a situation where the Sub-Advisor is making the investment decision (as opposed to a brokerage client who makes his own investment decisions), and the Sub-Advisor or an affiliate is receiving commissions from one or both sides of the transaction, there is a potential conflicting division of loyalties and responsibilities on the Sub-Advisor’s part regarding the advisory client. The SEC has adopted a rule under the Advisers Act which permits the Sub-Advisor or its affiliates to participate on behalf of an Account in agency cross transactions if the advisory client has given written consent in advance. By execution of this Agreement, the Trust authorizes the Sub-Advisor or its affiliates to participate in agency cross transactions involving an Account. The Trust may revoke its consent at any time by written notice to the Sub-Advisor.
Transactions by State Street The Custodian or its affiliates, including SSGM, may trade based upon information that is not available to the Fund (or its Investment Advisor acting on its behalf), and may enter into transactions for its own account or the account of clients in the same or opposite direction to the transactions entered into with the Fund (or its Investment Manager), and shall have no obligation, under this Agreement, to share such information with or consider the interests of their respective counterparties, including, where applicable, the Fund or the Investment Advisor.Section 6A. Contractual Settlement Services (Purchase/Sales).Section 6A.1 General. The Custodian shall, in accordance with the terms set out in this Section 6A, debit or credit the appropriate deposit account of each Portfolio on a contractual settlement basis in connection with the purchase of securities or other financial assets for the Portfolio or the receipt of the proceeds of the sale or redemption of securities or other financial assets.Section 6A.2 Provision of Services. The services described in Section 6A.1 (the “Contractual Settlement Services”) shall be provided for the securities and other financial assets and in such markets as the Custodian may advise from time to time. The Custodian may terminate or suspend any part of the provision of the Contractual Settlement Services at its sole discretion immediately upon notice to the applicable Fund on behalf of each Portfolio, including, without limitation, in the event of force majeure events affecting settlement, any disorder in markets, or other changed external business circumstances affecting the markets or the Fund.Section 6A.3 Purchase Consideration. The consideration payable in connection with a purchase transaction shall be debited from the appropriate deposit account of the Portfolio as of the time and date that funds would ordinarily be required to settle the transaction in the applicable market. The Custodian shall promptly recredit the amount at the time that the Portfolio or the Fund notifies the Custodian by Proper Instruction that the transaction has been canceled.Section 6A.4 Sales and Redemptions. A provisional credit of an amount equal to the net sale price for a sale or redemption of securities or other financial assets shall be made to the account of the Portfolio as if the amount had been received as of the close of business on the date on which good funds would ordinarily be immediately available in the applicable market. The provisional credit will be made conditional upon the Custodian having received Proper Instructions with respect to, or reasonable notice of, the transaction, as applicable; and the Custodian or its agent having possession of the securities of other financial assets (excluding financial assets subject to any third party lending arrangement entered into by a Portfolio) associated with the transaction in good deliverable form and not being aware of any facts which would lead the Custodian or its agent to believe that the transaction will not settle in the time period ordinarily applicable to such transactions in the applicable market.Section 6A.5 Reversals of Provisional Credits or Debits. The Custodian shall have the right to reverse any provisional credit or debit given in connection with the Contractual Settlement Services at any time when the Custodian believes, in its reasonable judgment, that such transaction will not settle in accordance with its terms or amounts due pursuant thereto, will not be collectable or where the Custodian has not been provided Proper Instructions with respect thereto, as applicable. The Portfolio shall be responsible for any costs or liabilities resulting from such reversal. Upon such reversal, a sum equal to the credited or debited amount shall become immediately payable by the Portfolio to the Custodian and may be debited from any deposit or other account held for benefit of the Portfolio.