WeChat Pay User definition

WeChat Pay User means any person who from time to time is accepted by Tenpay as a user of WeChat Pay Function who purchases goods or services from the Merchant utilising the WeChat Pay Function as the payment solution.
WeChat Pay User means the individual end user in PRC who has completed WeChat Pay's member registration process for the purpose of opening an WeChat Pay account;
WeChat Pay User means any person who from time to time accepted by WeChat Online Payment Service as a user of WeChat Wallet who purchases goods and/or services from Merchant utilising the WeChat Wallet as the payment solution;

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Clinics must also ‘encourage and support early disclosure’ by parents and support information release to those conceived after 2005.38 However, the NHMRC Guidelines are not legally enforceable, and may be subject to change.

The Merchant acknowledges and agrees that, WeChat Pay User Data shall be deemed to be WeChat Pay's confidential information for the purposes of this Schedule and it shall only use WeChat Pay User Data for the purpose of complying with each other's obligations under this Schedule .

The Merchant acknowledges and agrees that, as between WeChat Pay and the Merchant, WeChat Pay shall own WeChat Pay User Data, the WeChat Pay Acceptance Materials and all Intellectual Property Rights in or to WeChat Pay User Data and the WeChat Acceptance Materials.

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WeChat Pay’s obligation to remit funds collected by it on the Merchant’s behalf shall be limited to funds that WeChat Pay has actually received and that are not subject to any chargeback, reversal or refund, and WeChat Pay shall have no obligation to pursue any collection action against any WeChat Pay User.

The Merchant shall ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information kept in relation to WeChat Pay User purchase orders.

The Merchant shall not refund to the WeChat Pay User directly in any ways, and all resulting disputes and risks shall be borne by the Merchant accordingly.

The Company and WeChat Pay do not guarantee payment on behalf of any WeChat Pay User.

You also grant PayPlus permission to share records or other information required with the WeChat Pay User, the WeChat Pay User’s financial institution, and your financial institution to help resolve any disputes.

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Income Support Regulations means the Income Support (General) Regulations 1987(a);
BellSouth’s Inside Wire Maintenance Service Plan is available for resale at rates, terms and conditions as set forth by BellSouth and without the wholesale discount.
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CDDP means "Community Developmental Disabilities Program".
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USP-NF means the current edition of the United States Pharmacopeia-National Formulary.