Tie Sample Clauses

Tie i. 1 waterproof and seam sealed work jacket with fleece liner (or separate fleece)
Tie. Employees, at their option, may request in writing compensatory time off in lieu of pay. Compensatory time off, if granted, may be accrued; provided, however, that records shall be maintained and there must be a reasonable expectation that employees will be provided an opportunityto expend the accrued time for use during the current or pay period in which it was accrued. Accrued compensatory time must be used during this time period. Compensatory time shall be accrued at straight time (one hour for each hour worked) or overtime (one and one-half (1%) hours for each hour worked), subject to Article Section 7.5.1. Unused compensatory time will be cashed out upon termination of employment or the end of the current or succeeding pay period. Individual flex-time agreements may be executed in writing between the District and any employee subject to the terms of this Agreement. Flex-time agreements must provide precise information describing the anticipated date of the adjusted work schedule, and must be executed and approved by the District Superintendent or designee prior to the adjustment of the employees hours of work. Flex-time is not compensatory time. The District shall provide the affected employee a copy of each authorized flex-time arrangement within hours of its execution.
Tie. Tension member in a strut-and-tie model.

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Speed The relative importance we attach is “high”.
Synchronization If Nuix has granted multiple licenses to Licensee that expire in a particular quarter, Nuix may synchronize the invoicing dates for such licenses to the last day of that quarter.
Access Toll Connecting Trunk Group Architecture 8.2.1 If Reconex chooses to subtend a Verizon access Tandem, Reconex’s NPA/NXX must be assigned by Reconex to subtend the same Verizon access Tandem that a Verizon NPA/NXX serving the same Rate Center subtends as identified in the LERG.
Point of Interconnection CLEC must establish a minimum of one POI within each LATA, at any technically feasible point, on Embarq’s network. In addition, CLEC shall establish additional POIs under the following circumstances:
Start-Up and Synchronization Consistent with the mutually acceptable procedures of the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner, the Developer is responsible for the proper synchronization of the Large Generating Facility to the New York State Transmission System in accordance with NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner procedures and requirements.
Electrical connections Equipment requiring electrical connections for operation shall either be hard wired to the Authorized User's provided connections or the Contractor shall be responsible for a male electrical union. All connections shall be made by the Contractor and accomplished in accordance with National Electrical Code requirements. Electrically operated equipment shall be available in the following volts and phases: 208 volt 1 or 3 phase, 60 HZ 220 volt 1 or 3 phase, 60 HZ 440 volt 1 or 3 phase, 60 HZ
Inclement Weather 4:1 Employees who report for work on a workday or for prearranged work on a workday and are unable to work in the field because of inclement weather, heat or other causes, shall be paid for actual time worked, if any, but not less than two (2) hours at straight-time rates. Employees receiving subsistence as provided for in Section 5:2 shall continue to receive subsistence in addition to the amount provided for under this Section.
Rotation Distributor recognizes the shelf life of the Products, and acknowledges that rotation ensures maximum quality. Distributor agrees to take all reasonable steps necessary to see that all such Products sold by it are properly rotated in conformity with the date stamped on the labels of the containers. Distributor agrees that it will not store the Products outside, unprotected from temperature fluctuations and the elements.
Network Maintenance and Management 15.1 The Parties will work cooperatively to implement this Agreement. The Parties will exchange appropriate information (e.g., maintenance contact numbers, network information, information required to comply with law enforcement and other security agencies of the Government, etc.) to achieve this desired reliability, subject to the confidentiality provisions herein.
Metering The Interconnection Customer shall be responsible for the Connecting Transmission Owner’s reasonable and necessary cost for the purchase, installation, operation, maintenance, testing, repair, and replacement of metering and data acquisition equipment specified in Attachments 2 and 3 of this Agreement. The Interconnection Customer’s metering (and data acquisition, as required) equipment shall conform to applicable industry rules and Operating Requirements.