Rotation Sample Clauses

Rotation. Where the Employer's designate and the Union's designate at the local level agree that shifts be rotated, the shifts shall be rotated on an equitable basis among the employees involved.
Rotation. Distributor recognizes the shelf life of the Products, and acknowledges that rotation ensures maximum quality. Distributor agrees to take all reasonable steps necessary to see that all such Products sold by it are properly rotated in conformity with the date stamped on the labels of the containers. Distributor agrees that it will not store the Products outside, unprotected from temperature fluctuations and the elements.
Rotation. When two (2) shifts or more are required, they shall be rotated at least once every two (2) weeks. When three (3) shifts are worked, shift rotation shall be every week. Shift rotation shall be:
Rotation. There shall be no rotation of shifts except by mutual agreement between the Employer and the employee. Any employee who rotates shifts by mutual agreement shall receive four dollars ($4.00) per hour for each hour worked in addition to the employee’s regular rate of pay. The Employer shall have the right to revert back to non- rotating shifts after thirty (30) days’ advance notice to the employee. In such event, the affected employee shall have the option of regular assignment to one of the shifts to which the employee previously rotated.
Rotation. The Medical Center shall attempt to rotate holiday work. Units may 28 develop guidelines that provide for the fair and just rotation of the scheduling of shifts on 29 holidays. The parties agree to respect such unit-based guidelines, even if they are not seniority-
Rotation. The Employer will attempt to rotate said temporary assignments within the work unit where the temporary assignment occurs, beginning with employee(s) who volunteer for the assignments.
Rotation. Employees shall be scheduled for standby on a rotation basis, unless the employees work under another arrangement, acceptable to the department director and the employee.
Rotation. Netscape will rotate the display of the Premier Graphics -------- to be displayed on the top of the Stack when each Page is served to an end user who has not selected a Premier Graphic as a default, as described in Section 3.4. Subject to the provisions of Section 3.4, the Premier Graphic will appear on the top of the Stack of each Page [*] ("Rotation Percentage") of the instances in which the Page is served up to end users who have not selected a default Premier Graphic when accessing the Page, prior to any selection of a particular Premier Graphic tab. Premier Provider acknowledges that the Rotation Percentage is an annualized target, and that Netscape may adjust the display of the Premier Graphic to occur at a rate above or below the Rotation Percentage at any particular time, subject to Netscape's obligations to deliver the Rotation Percentage averaged over the course of the Premier Period.