Scaling definition

Scaling as used herein, involves:
Scaling means use of instruments on the crown and root surfaces of the teeth to remove plaque, calculus, and stains from these surfaces.
Scaling means a procedure to remove plaque, calculus, and stain deposits from tooth surfaces.

Examples of Scaling in a sentence

  • Procedures are set forth in "Segment Scaling and Grading of Long Logs - All Species - State Forestry Department Scaling Instructions" (Westside).

  • Scaling of drawings may be done only for general location and general size of items.

  • PURCHASER shall furnish STATE with a copy of the Scaling Agreement upon request.

  • Scaling deduction for deterioration due to delay in removal of logs from the Timber Sale Area shall not be allowed in determining net volume.

  • The Scaling services provided shall be selected exclusively by Forest Service.

More Definitions of Scaling

Scaling means increasing the capacity of transactions a network can handle at the core blockchain layer.
Scaling means a procedure to remove plaque, calcu- lus, and stain deposits from tooth surfaces.
Scaling means entering a house or an enclosed place annexed to the same, through a passage not normally used as an entrance or through any other device designed to lock or prevent entrance or passage.
Scaling means the instrumentation by scaler or by periodontal curette of the crown and root surfaces of the teeth.
Scaling means the determination of the gross and net volumes of round wood in cords, cubic feet, cubic metres, board feet or assumed standards;
Scaling means removal of insecure material from a face or highwall;
Scaling means mineral encrustation or build-up on heat pump system piping. (Office of the Lieutenant Governor; 16 IAC 3-3-1; filed Mar 9, 1982, 4:11 pm: 5 IR 703; filed Mar 16, 1984, 3:40 pm: 7 IR 1233; readopted filed Dec 2, 2001, 12:30 p.m.: 25 IR 1267) NOTE: Transferred from the Department of Commerce (55 IAC 4-4-1) to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor (16 IAC 3-3-1) by P.L.4-2005, SECTION 150, effective February 9, 2005.