Telecommunications Equipment definition

Telecommunications Equipment means equipment, other than Customer Premises Equipment, used by a Carrier to provide Telecommunications Services, and include software integral to such equipment, including upgrades.
Telecommunications Equipment. , which means equipment, other than customer premises equipment, used by a carrier to provide telecommunications services, and includes software integral to such equipment (including upgrades).
Telecommunications Equipment shall have the meaning set forth in § 153(45) of the Act.

Examples of Telecommunications Equipment in a sentence

  • The Convention Center shall be responsible for keeping the Telecommunications Equipment, accessories, cable plant and terminations in operating condition at all times.

  • The City shall cause the Convention Center to provide the technical staff labor, tools, equipment and supplies necessary to maintain and repair Telecommunications Services and Telecommunications Equipment in the Hotel, including but not limited to the Intermediate Distribution Frame (Expansion Cabinet), hotel operator console and switchboard, operating software, cable plant, station sets and accessories located in hotel rooms, administrative offices and other service and public areas.

  • Pakes, ”The Dynamics of Productivity in the Telecommunications Equipment Industry”, Econometrica, 1996.• J.

  • APEC Telecommunications Equipment Mutual Recognition Arrangement.

  • LEGAL AUTHORIZATION: The proposed amendments include changes made in light of Act 263 of 2021, sponsored by Representative Julie Mayberry, which modified the procedure for collection of surcharges to fund the Telecommunications Equipment Fund.

More Definitions of Telecommunications Equipment

Telecommunications Equipment. Shall have the meaning set forth in §153(52) of the Act.
Telecommunications Equipment means Switching Equipment, fiber optic cable, or other comparable switches, transmission equipment and other ancillary equipment necessary for the installation and operation of a switch room or central office and co-location with other telecommunications providers that will enable the Company or any Subsidiary to offer telephony services, as well as all software and hardware associated with the network operating center and back office systems (including operations systems and support, billing systems and data services).
Telecommunications Equipment means equipment intended to be connected directly or indirectly to a telecommunications network in order to send, transmit or receive telecommunications services;
Telecommunications Equipment means equipment, other than customer premises equipment, used by an operator to provide telecommunications services and includes software which is integral to the equipment and upgrades other than switching equipment associated with the provision of switched telecommunications services;
Telecommunications Equipment means any equipment or apparatus used or intended to be used for Telecommunications and that is part of or connected to, or comprises, a Telecommunications Network, and includes Radiocommunications Equipment.
Telecommunications Equipment means equipment that allows a person with a hearing or speech-related disability to access the telephone network.
Telecommunications Equipment means the equipment of the Licensee and its affiliates, located in the Equipment Room including cabinets, racks, electronic equipment and other similar equipment.