Interconnection Customer definition

Interconnection Customer means a Generation Interconnection Customer and/or a Transmission Interconnection Customer. Interconnection Facilities: “Interconnection Facilities” shall mean the Transmission Owner Interconnection Facilities and the Customer Interconnection Facilities.
Interconnection Customer means a person or entity that interconnects a distributed generation facility to an electric distribution system.

Examples of Interconnection Customer in a sentence

  • Supporting documentation used to reach the decision to disconnect shall be provided to the Interconnection Customer upon request.

  • If prior notice is not given, the Area EPS Operator shall, upon request, provide the Interconnection Customer written documentation after the fact explaining the circumstances of the disconnection.

  • The Interconnection Customer shall use Reasonable Efforts to notify the Area EPS Operator promptly when it becomes aware of an Emergency Condition that may reasonably be expected to affect the Area EPS Operator’s Distribution System or any Affected Systems.

  • The Interconnection Customer may assign such repayment rights to any person.

  • The Interconnection Customer is responsible for ensuring the DER(s) is designed, operated and maintained in compliance with the Minnesota Technical Requirements.

More Definitions of Interconnection Customer

Interconnection Customer means a Generation Interconnection Customer and/or a
Interconnection Customer means the owner of the Unit or any entity that proposes to interconnect with LIPA’s Distribution System.
Interconnection Customer means the person or entity, which may include the electric utility, responsible for ensuring the DER(s) is designed, operated and maintained in compliance with all local, state and federal laws, as well as with all rules and standards.
Interconnection Customer the party or parties who will own/operate the Generation System and are responsible for meeting the requirements of the agreements and Technical Requirements. This could be the Generation System applicant, installer, owner, designer, or operator.
Interconnection Customer means the person, corpo- ration, partnership, government agency, or other entity that proposes to interconnect, or has executed an interconnection agreement with the electrical company. The interconnection customer must:
Interconnection Customer means a person or an entity with one or more Small Generator Facilities that is interconnected to a Public Utility in accordance with the SGIR. (Note: Staff is currently still evaluating the question of whether or not existing interconnection agreements are subject to these rules. Staff will comment more fully on this matter shortly.)
Interconnection Customer means an Applicant that has entered into an Interconnection Agreement with a Utility to interconnect a Generating Facility and has interconnected that Generating Facility.