Temporary Positions Sample Clauses

Temporary Positions. A) The Employer may create regular temporary positions for vacation relief for more than one (1) incumbent for up to six (6) months duration.
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Temporary Positions. (1) Where a Regular Full-Time Employee is appointed to a temporary position, the employee shall be returned to a position of equal value to the employee's former position without loss of seniority when the temporary work is completed.
Temporary Positions. 1. A temporary position is defined as one (1) created to fill a specific work requirement that is anticipated to be of limited duration not to exceed twelve (12) consecutive months. Temporary positions known to be in excess of thirty (30) working days will be posted.
Temporary Positions. The University may hire temporary employees to perform bargaining unit work. Individuals in temporary positions are limited to one thousand fifty (1,050) hours of work, excluding overtime hours, in any twelve (12) consecutive month period from the individual’s original date of hire. Temporary employees are considered at-will, and may be terminated by the University without cause or notice.
Temporary Positions. The University may create temporary positions to fill vacancies caused by the absence of a regular, cyclic or project employee; to address fluctuations in workload; or to meet needs in situations where there is insufficient work or resources to support a regular, cyclic or project position. Employees filling temporary positions may not work more than one thousand fifty (1050) hours in a twelve (12) consecutive month period. Temporary employees who work more than three hundred fifty (350) hours in a consecutive twelve (12)- month period will become Represented Temporary Employees and will be included in the bargaining unit as specified in Appendix A.
Temporary Positions. Should any type of Temporary Position subsequently become a permanent position, it shall be posted and filled in accordance with this Article.
Temporary Positions. (a) An Employee may fill a temporary position created as a result of one of the following conditions:
Temporary Positions. 1. When the District determines additional help is necessary on a temporary basis, temporary security personnel may be employed. The Chief Operating Officer will provide the Local President with information about any temporary position, including the reasons for the temporary position and the anticipated duration of the temporary position. When a temporary worker is employed in the same bargaining unit position for a period in excess of six months, a new position will be deemed to have been created and it will be posted. If this new position is a temporary one, the Chief Operating Officer may meet with the OAPSE President to discuss the feasibility of not posting the position and the District will not be required to post if the OAPSE President agrees.
Temporary Positions. 3.5.1 If a temporary position becomes permanent and the incumbent is selected for continued appointment to the position, the first 3 or 6 working months' service in the position will be considered as the trial or probationary period.
Temporary Positions. 26.01 Where a temporary position exists due to the absence of a permanent employee for a period greater than sixty (60) days, the Employer shall post a temporary position pursuant to this Article for a period of seven (7) calendar days.