Mileage Sample Clauses

Mileage. The Parties agree that all full-time and part-time employees who are required to use their private vehicles for State business shall be reimbursed for all miles incurred at the maximum rate then allowable by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for the first mile of travel. The Parties further agree that changes in the mileage reimbursement rate, as a result of U.S. Internal Revenue Service action, shall be made prospectively. The Parties further agree that an employee shall record mileage incurred on State business from the odometer readings on his/her vehicle and the Employer shall reimburse for all reasonable travel incurred. In no instance, however, shall the Employer reimburse for travel incurred from an employee's home to or through the site of his/her official headquarters, or vice versa, unless such reimbursement is specifically authorized by this Agreement.
Mileage. Agency will reimburse Outside Counsel for reasonable and necessary travel mileage at the per mile rate posted on the Texas Mileage Guide adopted under Section 660.043 of the Texas Government Code. The Texas Mileage Guide is currently available on the Comptroller of Public Accountswebsite, at: travelrates.php.
Mileage. Any employee in the bargaining unit required to use his/her vehicle on District business shall be reimbursed at the per mile rate allowed by the IRS. The mileage computation shall include mileage necessary to return to the employee's normal job site after completion of District business. This amount shall be payable in a separate warrant drawn against District funds within thirty (30) working days of submission of the claim by the employee in the bargaining unit.
Mileage. When a nurse covered by this Agreement is required by the Employer to use the nurse’s personal vehicle to perform patient care services or to drive between hospital facilities, the nurse shall be considered in the employ of the Employer, all provisions of this Agreement shall apply, and the nurse shall be reimbursed for mileage at the rate established by the Internal Revenue Service.
Mileage. An employee who is authorized by the department head to use a private automobile in the performance of the employee’s duties shall be paid for the job-related mileage driven. The County will use the annual IRS mileage-reimbursement rate for mileage reimbursement for employees who use their own automobiles for County business.
Mileage. An allowance of 50¢ per kilometre will be paid to employees required by the Employer to use their own vehicle in the performance of their duties. The Employer will pay for reasonable parking expenses incurred by an employee who uses his/her own vehicle in the performance of their duties.
Mileage. When a bargaining unit member is authorized to use his/her personal automobile for travel related to his/her employment, he/she shall be reimbursed in accordance with the University Travel Policy, T92-031, as amended from time to time. A bargaining unit member who travels from his/her home to a temporary assignment rather than to his/her regular assigned office shall be allowed transportation expenses for the distance between his/her home and his/her temporary assignment, or between his/her regular assignment and his/her temporary assignment, whichever is less. Bargaining unit members shall not be reimbursed for commuting between their home and office or other regular work location. With approval of the Personnel Administrator, a bargaining unit member's home may be designated as his/her regular office by his/her supervisor for the purpose of allowed transportation expenses in cases where the bargaining unit member has no regular office or other regular work location.