Trust Company Sample Clauses

Trust Company. Partners Trust shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cause Trust Company to be duly organized promptly following the execution of this Agreement. Promptly following the organization of Trust Company, Partners Trust shall cause this Agreement to be approved on behalf of Trust Company and shall cause Trust Company to execute and deliver to Purchaser this Agreement, to deliver to Purchaser true, complete and correct copies of the organization certificate and bylaws of Trust Company, to promptly file the Section 154 Petition as contemplated by Section 6.2, and to take all other action necessary to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby, subject to the terms and conditions hereof. 6.10
Trust Company. The General Partner may change the registered office of the Partnership in the State of Delaware or the registered agent for service of process on the Partnership at any time upon notice to the Limited Partners in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The Partnership shall have its initial principal office for its activities at 00 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx 00000. The General Partner may designate from time to time another office within or without the United States as the Partnership's principal office for its investment activities. The Partnership may from time to time have such other office or offices within or without the State of Delaware as may be designated by the General Partner.
Trust Company. By: ------------------------------------- Title: THE TOPIARY MASTER FUND FOR BENEFIT PLAN INVESTORS (BPI) LLC By: -------------------------------------
Trust Company. An in-kind distribution shall be reduced by customary transfer and registration charges incurred by the Trustee. The balance of the Securities shall be sold over a period described in the Prospectus of the Trust. The Depositors shall direct the Trustee to sell the Securities in such manner as the Depositors determine will produce the best price for the Trust. If so directed, the Trustee shall use the services of the Depositors to effect such sales. In the event that the Depositors direct the Trustee that certain Securities will be sold to a new series of the Trust (a "New Series"), the Depositors will certify to the Trustee, within five days of each sale from a Trust to a New Series, (1) that the transaction is consistent with the policy of both the Trust and the New Series, as recited in their respective registration statements and reports filed under the Investment Company Act of 1940, (2) the date of such transaction and (3) the closing sales price on the national securities exchange for the sale date of the securities subject to such sale. The Trustee will then countersign the certificate, unless the Trustee disagrees with the closing sales price listed on the certificate, whereupon the Trustee will promptly inform the Depositors orally of any such disagreement and return the certificate within five days to the Depositors with corrections duly noted. Upon the Depositors' receipt of a corrected certificate, if the Depositors verify the corrected price by reference to an independently published list of closing sales prices for the date of the transactions, the Depositors will ensure that the price of Units of the New Series, and distributions to holders of the Trust with regard to redemption of their Units or termination of the Trust, accurately reflect the correct price. To the extent that the Depositors disagree with the Trustee's corrected price, the Depositors and the Trustee will jointly determine the correct sales price by reference to a mutually agreeable, independently published list of closing sales prices for the date of the transaction. The Depositors and Trustee will periodically review the procedures for sales and make such changes as they deem necessary, consistent with Rule 17a-7(e)(2). The Depositors will maintain records of the procedures and of each transaction will be maintained as provided in Rule 17a-7(f). The Trustee shall bear no responsibility for any sale made pursuant to the Depositors' instruction as provided in this paragraph....
Trust Company. AssetMark Trust Company (i) holds all necessary licenses to conduct its trust business pursuant to state trust laws and applicable regulations thereunder and (ii) is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations administered by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions and any other state trust regulatory authority in jurisdictions in which AssetMark Trust Company conducts its business (collectively, the “State Trust Regulators”), except in each case as would not, individually or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect. Neither the Company nor AssetMark Trust Company has been advised in writing by any State Trust Regulator that any such State Trust Regulator is contemplating any action that would impair AssetMark Trust Company’s ability to carry on its trust business and operations as described in the Pricing Disclosure Package. Other than AssetMark Trust Company, the Company and its subsidiaries do not operate any trust business.
Trust Company. INSURANCE COMPANY ACCEPTED VALUE INSTITUTION CODE FULL COMPANY NAME BOOK MARKET ---------------- ----------------- ---- ------ CONSENT TO ASSIGNMENT TO: ROYAL TRUST CORPORATION OF CANADA (THE "ASSIGNOR") RE: TRANSFER OF THE INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR SERVICES BUSINESS TO RBC DEXIA INVESTOR SERVICES TRUST IN CONNECTION WITH THE JOINT VENTURE TRANSACTION TO BE COMPLETED BETWEEN ROYAL BANK OF CANADA AND DEXIA BANQUE INTERNATIONALE A LUXEMBOURG (THE "TRANSACTION") -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject to completion of the Transaction, the undersigned hereby consents to the assignment by the Assignor of all of its rights, title, benefit and interest in, to and under all of the agreements entered into between the undersigned and the Assignor prior to the Closing Date (as defined below) and described in Schedule "A" attached hereto (collectively, the "AGREEMENTS") to a new trust company to be formed under the laws of Canada, RBC Dexia Investor Services Trust ("RBC DEXIA TRUST"), and an assumption by RBC Dexia Trust of all of the Assignor's obligations and liabilities thereunder in accordance with the terms of the Agreements, from and after the closing date of the Transaction (the "CLOSING DATE"). With effect from the Closing Date, the Agreements shall be read and construed as if all references to the Assignor were deleted and replaced by references to RBC Dexia Trust and all other terms, conditions, covenants and obligations under the Agreements shall continue in full force and effect, unamended by this assignment and assumption. This Consent shall be conditional upon and effective as of the Closing Date. Dated this 21st day of December, 2005. ALLIED WORLD ASSURANCE COMPANY (U.S.) INC. BY: /s/ Richard E. Jodoin ----------------------------------------------- XXXX: XXXXXXX E. JODOIN TITLE: PRESIDENT SCHEDULE "A" Foreign Reinsurance Trust Agreement dated September 30, 2002 between Allied World Assurance Company (U.S.) Inc. (formerly Commercial Underwriters Insurance Company) and American Home Assurance Company and Royal Trust Corporation of Canada and The Superintendent of Financial Institutions.
Trust Company. By: ----------------------------------------------- Name: --------------------------------------------- Title: -------------------------------------------- RS INVESTMENT TRUST, on behalf of its several constituent Portfolios By: ----------------------------------------------- Name: --------------------------------------------- Title: -------------------------------------------- AUTHORIZED PERSONS APPENDIX NAME (TYPE) SIGNATURE ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
Trust Company. By: ---------------------------------- Title: ------------------------------- NEW ALTERNATIVES FUND, INC. By: ---------------------------------- Title: -------------------------------
Trust Company. The Trust Company shall indemnify and hold harmless the Funds and the Series Trust, each of their affiliated companies, and all of the divisions, subsidiaries, directors, trustees, officers, agents, employees and assigns of each of the foregoing (collectively, “Indemnified Fund Parties”), against and from any and all demands, damages, liabilities, and losses, or any pending or completed actions, claims, suits, complaints, proceedings, or investigations (including reasonable attorneysfees and other costs, including all expenses of litigation or arbitration, judgments, fines or amounts paid in any settlement consented to by the Trust Company) to which any of them may be or become subject to as a result or arising out of: (a) the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Trust Company in performing services hereunder; (b) any material breach of the Trust Company’s representations or warranties contained in this Agreement; or (d) the Trust Company’s failure to materially comply with any of the terms of this Agreement.
Trust Company. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- PNC BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- 24 WARBURG, PINCXX XXXANCED FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXITAL APPRECIATION FUND By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCUS CASH RESERVE FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXRGING GROWTH FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXRGING MARKETS FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- 25 WARBURG, PINCXX XXXED INCOME FUND By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXBAL FIXED INCOME FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXBAL POST-VENTURE CAPITAL FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXWTH & INCOME FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXLTH SCIENCES FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- 26 WARBURG, PINCXX XXXTITUTIONAL FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXERMEDIATE MATURITY GOVERNMENT FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXERNATIONAL EQUITY FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXERNATIONAL SMALL COMPANY FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXAN GROWTH FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ 27 Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXAN SMALL COMPANY FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXOR FOREIGN MARKETS FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXX YORK INTERMEDIATE MUNICPAL FUND By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXX YORK TAX EXEMPT FUND, INC. By: ------------------------ Title: --------------------- WARBURG, PINCXX XXXT-VENTURE CAPITAL FUND, INC. By: ------------------------