Owner Trust definition

Owner Trust means with respect to any Leased Aircraft, the trust created by the "Trust Agreement" referred to in the Leased Aircraft Indenture related thereto.
Owner Trust means the statutory trust created by this Agreement and the filing of the Certificate of Trust.
Owner Trust means the trust created by this Agreement.

Examples of Owner Trust in a sentence

  • The Certificateholders shall not have legal title to any part of the Owner Trust Estate.

  • The Owner Trustee nevertheless agrees that it will, at its own cost and expense, promptly take all action as may be necessary to discharge any liens on any part of the Owner Trust Estate that result from actions by, or claims against, the Owner Trustee that are not related to the ownership or the administration of the Owner Trust Estate.

  • The Owner Trustee also agrees to disburse all moneys actually received by it constituting part of the Owner Trust Estate upon the terms of the Basic Documents and this Agreement.

  • Any amounts paid to the Owner Trustee pursuant to this Article VIII shall be deemed not to be a part of the Owner Trust Estate immediately after such payment.

  • No transfer, by operation of law or otherwise, of any right, title or interest of the Certificateholders to and in their ownership interest in the Owner Trust Estate shall operate to terminate this Agreement or the trusts hereunder or entitle any transferee to an accounting or to the transfer to it of legal title to any part of the Owner Trust Estate.

More Definitions of Owner Trust

Owner Trust means Bank of Utah, not in its individual capacity but solely as owner trustee under the Trust Agreement N731BP dated July 26, 2016.
Owner Trust means any trust holding title to any aircraft, 100% of the beneficial ownership of which trust is held by Borrower or any Guarantor.
Owner Trust means __________ Home Loan Owner Trust 200_-_ until a successor replaces it and, thereafter, means the successor and, for purposes of any provision contained herein and required by the TIA, each other obligor on the Notes.
Owner Trust means the Owner Lessor.
Owner Trust means an owner trust created under a Trust Agreement.
Owner Trust means an owner trust, reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, (i) that is the legal owner of an Aircraft and (ii) all of the beneficial interest in which is owned by an Owner Participant pursuant to an Owner Trust Agreement.
Owner Trust. The Issuer.