Time to Cure Sample Clauses

Time to Cure a. If a monetary event of default occurs under the terms of any of the Loan Documents, prior to exercising any remedies thereunder the Department shall give Borrower written notice of such default. Borrower shall have a period of seven (7) days after such notice is given within which to cure the default prior to exercise of remedies by the Department under the Loan Documents, or such longer period of time as may be specified in the Loan Documents.
Time to Cure. In the event of a Breach of Contract of the type specified in Section 10.2.1 or .2 occurs and CONTRACTOR reasonably believes that such Breach of Contract cannot be cured within the twenty (20) days allowed to cure such Breach of Contract in Section 10.2.1 or .2, as the case may be, and that such Breach of Contract can be cured, through a diligent, on-going, and conscientious effort on the part of CONTRACTOR, within a reasonable period not to exceed a total of forty-five (45) days, unless extended by the Bureau, then CONTRACTOR may, within the twenty (20) day cure period, submit a plan for curing the Breach of Contract to the Bureau Chief. Such plan shall show in detail by what means CONTRACTOR proposes to cure the Breach of Contract. Upon receipt of any such plan for curing a Breach of Contract, the Bureau shall promptly review such plan and, at its discretion, may allow, or disallow, CONTRACTOR to pursue such plan for curing the Breach of Contract.
Time to Cure. If any material breach of this Agreement by either party remains uncured more than thirty (30) days after written notice thereof by the party asserting this breach, this shall be an Event of Breach, provided, however, if within thirty (30) days after such notice, a substantial good faith effort to cure breach shall not be an Event of Default if it is cured within a reasonable time thereafter.
Time to Cure. In the event either party fails to perform any of either his or its respective obligations hereunder and if such failure would otherwise constitute a default under this agreement, the non-defaulting party shall give written notice specifying such obligations to the defaulting party who shall have five (5) business days after receipt of such notice to cure the specified default; PROVIDED that an action or failure to act that constitutes a default and that has been described with reasonable particularity may not be cured more than once.
Time to Cure. The violating Party shall cure the noticed violation within thirty (30) days of receipt of said written Notice of Violation. If said cure reasonably requires more than thirty (30) days, the violating Party shall, within the thirty (30) day period, submit to the non-violating Party and/or third party beneficiaries, as the case may be, for review and approval a plan and time schedule to diligently complete a cure. The violating Party shall complete such cure in accordance with the approved plan. If the violating Party disputes the notice of violation, it shall issue a written notice of such dispute (hereinafter “Notice of Dispute”) to the appropriate Party and/or third party beneficiary within thirty (30) days of receipt of written Notice of Violation.
Time to Cure. 33 Upon notice of a violation under this Franchise, grantee shall have thirty days in which to cure 34 such violation. The time for Grantee to correct any violation, default or liability, shall be 35 extended by County if the necessary action to correct such violation, default or liability is of such 36 a nature or character as to require more than thirty days within which to perform, provided 37 Grantee provides written notice that it requires more than thirty days to correct such violations or 38 liability, commences the corrective action within the thirty days period and thereafter uses 39 reasonable diligence to correct the violation, default or liability. 40
Time to Cure. If the Contractor or any subcontractor or independent contractor retained by the Contractor fails to perform its duties in a reasonable and competent manner, the City shall give written notice to the Contractor of the deficiencies and the Contractor shall have thirty
Time to Cure. The Lessee must cure monetary defaults within 30 days after notice is given. For non-monetary defaults that ordinarily can be corrected within 60 days, the Lessee must cure these defaults within 60 days after the notice is given. If the non-monetary default is one that would ordinarily take more than 60 days to cure, then, within 60 days following the receipt of the notice described in Section 17.2, the Lessee must present to the Lessor a written plan to cure the default. The plan must outline the proposed cure and set reasonable goals and reporting dates toward completion of the cure. The Lessor will have 30 days to revise or approve the plan to its satisfaction following the receipt of the plan. If the Lessee does not provide the required plan, as described and within the required time, the Lease shall terminate.
Time to Cure. If a breach, violation or default occurs with respect to the covenants set forth in this Agreement, prior to exercising the exclusive remedy described in paragraph 14 thereunder, the Department shall give Borrower written notice of such default. If the default is reasonably capable of being cured within thirty (30) days, Borrower shall have such period to effect a cure prior to exercise of the Department’s remedy. If the default is such that it is not reasonably capable of being cured within such 30-day period and if Borrower (a) initiates corrective action within said period, and (b) diligently, continually, and in good faith works to effect a cure as soon as possible, then Borrower shall have such additional time, not to exceed an additional 180 days to cure the default prior to exercise of the remedy by the Department. If Borrower or its successor in interest is a limited partnership, if Xxxxxxxx fails to take corrective action or to cure the default within such a specified time, the Department shall give Borrower written notice thereof, whereupon the limited partner may remove and replace the general partner with a substitute general partner who shall effect a cure within a reasonable time thereafter in accordance with the foregoing provisions.
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