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Zoning lot means a parcel of land that is designated by its owner or developer at the time of applying for an occupancy certificate as a tract, all of which is to be used, developed or built upon as a unit under single ownership. Such lot may consist of
Zoning lot means a parcel of land that is designated by its Owner or developer, at the time of applying for a building permit as one lot, all of which is to be used, developed or built upon as a unit under single ownership. As long as it satisfies the requirement of the above and the requirements of the Subdivision Rules and Regulations of the MAPC, such lot may consist of (1) a single lot of record, (2) a portion of a lot of record, or (3) a combination of complete lots of record, complete lots and portions of lots of record, or portions of lots of record. For purposes of this Title, approved Community Unit Plans, Planned Unit Developments or "P-O"Protective Overlays, as defined in the Wichita-Sedgwick County Unified Zoning Code (UZC), shall be considered as a single Zoning Lot.(b) To the extent they are not inconsistent with this Title, the definitions adopted by the Unified Zoning Code (UZC), as amended, shall apply to the terms used in this Title.(c) Whenever a Sign could be subject to more than one classification, the Zoning Administrator shall determine the most appropriate classification and apply all applicable regulations.”
Zoning lot means a tract of land occupied or to be occupied by a principal building and its accessory facilities, together with such open spaces and yards as are required under the provisions of this title, having not less than the minimum area required by this title for a zoning purpose in the district in which such land is situated, and having its principal frontage on a public street of standard width. A "zoning lot" need not necessarily coincide with the "record lot," which refers to land designated as a separate and distinct parcel on a legally recorded subdivision plat or in a legally recorded deed filed in the records of the county.

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  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this subsection, Landlord has the sole and absolute right to conduct a Landlord Development Action, and enter into and record any Zoning Lot Document(s) without the need to obtain any consent or to provide a non-disturbance agreement; provided however that Landlord shall advise Tenant of its intent to conduct Landlord Development Action and enter into and record any Zoning Lot Document(s).

  • Such Permitted Leasehold Mortgages shall be subordinate and subject to Landlord’s interest in the Land, any Zoning Lot Documents or any Landlord Development Action.

  • ZLDA shall mean that certain Amended and Restated Zoning Lot Development Agreement made between BOP West 31st Street LLC and Brookfield Properties W 33rd Co. L.P., dated as of December 15, 2014.

  • Concurrent with the 90 day Due Diligence Period, the Purchaser and Port Authority shall to draft and finalize the transaction documents, which may include, but not be limited to: Purchase and Sale Agreement; Zoning Lot Development Agreement; Light and Air Easement; Easement, Maintenance and Operating Agreements; and Any other document necessary or agreed upon to effectuate this transaction.

  • The provisions of this Section 26.19 shall be construed as an express waiver by Tenant of any interest Tenant may have as a “party in interest” (as such term is defined in Section 12-10 of Zoning Lot of the Zoning Resolution of the City of New York) in the Real Property.

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Zoning lot means a parcel of land, composed of one or more recorded lots, occupied or to be occupied by a principal building or buildings or principal use or uses along with permitted accessory buildings or uses, meeting all the requirements for area, buildable area, frontage, width, yards, setbacks, and any other requirements set forth in this title.
Zoning lot means a single tract of land, located within a single block, which, at the time of filing for a building permit, is designated by its owner or developer as a tract to be used, developed, or built upon as a unit, under single ownership or control, and assigned to the particular use for which the building permit and occupancy permit are issued. The term shall include tracts or parcels.
Zoning lot means a lot or parcel of land which:
Zoning lot shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 12-10 of the Zoning Resolution and which is located within the Land.
Zoning lot means a single tract of land abutting a street, occupied or intended to be occupied by a use, building, or group of buildings and their accessory uses and buildings as a unit, together with open spaces as are required by the Zoning Code, which may or may not coincide with a lot of record. Unless the context clearly indicates the contrary, “lot” is used synonymously with “zoning lot” throughout the Zoning Code.
Zoning lot means a parcel of land under single ownership that is of sufficient size to meet minimum zoning requirements for area, cover, and use, and that can provide such yards and other open spaces as required by this division.
Zoning lot means a zoning lot as defined by the land use ordinance, Chapter 21, Revised Ordinances of Honolulu 1990, as amended.