Titling Trust definition

Titling Trust means GE TF Trust, a Delaware statutory trust.
Titling Trust means Nissan-Infiniti LT, a Delaware statutory trust.
Titling Trust means World Omni LT, a Delaware statutory trust formed under the Statutory Trust Act.

Examples of Titling Trust in a sentence

  • Each party hereto acknowledges and agrees (and each holder or pledgee of the Exchange Note, by virtue of its acceptance of such Exchange Note or pledge thereof acknowledges and agrees) that (a) the Closed-End Collateral Specified Interest is a separate series of the Titling Trust as provided in Section 3806(b)(2) of Chapter 38 of Title 12 of the Delaware Code, 12 Del.

  • The parties hereby acknowledge that there shall be no Residual Value Surplus Account or Payahead Account (as defined in the Titling Trust Agreement).

  • For purposes of this Section, any reference in Section 5.12 of the Titling Trust Agreement to the Titling Trust Agreement shall be deemed to constitute references to the SUBI Trust Agreement.

  • The Titling Trust or the UTI may terminate upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the SUBI Trust Agreement.

  • Upon the issuance of the SUBI Certificates relating to the SUBI Assets, the beneficial interest in the Titling Trust and the Trust Assets represented by the UTI shall be reduced by the amount of the Trust Assets represented by such SUBI Certificates.

More Definitions of Titling Trust

Titling Trust means ACAR Leasing Ltd., a Delaware statutory trust.
Titling Trust means Origination Trust.
Titling Trust means Toyota Lease Trust, a Delaware business trust, formed pursuant to the Titling Trust Agreement.
Titling Trust has filed or caused to be filed all tax returns which are required to be filed by the Titling Trust (with respect to itself) and has paid all taxes shown to be due and payable on said returns or on any assessments made against it or any of its property by any Governmental Authority (other than any amount the validity of which is being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings and with respect to which reserves in accordance with GAAP have been provided on the books of the Titling Trust). No notice of any Lien in respect of unpaid taxes or assessments (other than a Permitted Lien) has been filed by any taxing authority against, or otherwise affecting the assets of, the Titling Trust and remains in effect. The Titling Trust has paid all fees and expenses required to be paid by it in connection with the conduct of its business, the maintenance of its existence and its qualification as a foreign business trust.
Titling Trust has issued a certificate evidencing a 100% beneficial interest in the 2003-A SUBI (the "2003-A SUBI Certificate") to the Transferor;
Titling Trust means World Omni LT, a Delaware statutory trust.