Starting Salary Sample Clauses

Starting Salary. All bargaining-unit positions will be hired at a starting salary commensurate with their experience. It is expected that those salaries will typically be within 20% of employees within that unit at a similar rank and/or experience level. In exceptional cases, bargaining-unit positions may be hired at a salary above that range contingent on extraordinary experience and extramural funding.
Starting Salary. ‌ New employees in each job classification in this bargaining unit will start at the negotiated entry level unless, because of training and/or experience, the Superintendent authorizes entry above minimum for an employee. Should the Superintendent determine a higher entry-level annual base salary is necessary for any job classification; all employees in that job classification whose annual base salaries are less than the new entry- level salary will be advanced to the new entry-level salary. Prior to any change in the entry level by the Superintendent, SEIU/FPSU will be notified. Notwithstanding the above provisions, a previous employee of the District who leaves the employment of the District in good standing (as determined by the District), who is re-hired within twenty four (24) months of the date he/she left the District and is rehired in the same job classification he/she held at the time he/she left the District, will be rehired at the same annual base salary he/she had when he/she left the District, plus any wage increases that may have been negotiated in the interim. The rehire date, however, shall be the start date for purposes of seniority.
Starting Salary. For new JROTC instructors, whose initial date of 30 employment is after June 30 of a given year, salary shall be calculated for the 31 remainder of the initial contract year at the minimum salary required by the 32 military pay formula or starting teacher salary, whichever is higher. In subsequent 33 years, the salaries of these instructors shall be calculated as outlined in Article 34 10.01(4).
Starting Salary. 10 (a) Starting Salary Schedule: Effective July 1, 2019, the District will adopt a Starting 11 Salary Schedule with a minimum base salary of $40,500.00. A maximum of twenty (20) 12 years of experience credit at a value of $500.00 per year will count toward starting salary.
Starting Salary. (a) A teacher in their initial year of employment or reemployment will be credited with training and experience as provided by the remaining part of this section and Appendix A-3 & Appendix A-4.
Starting Salary. The starting salary for new teachers with no experience is $45,000. A starting teacher in his/her initial year will receive the starting salary without any Performance Based Compensation adjustment provided in this Agreement, if any. Teachers shall receive one (1) year of experience for each year the teacher (a) previously taught, (b) was on a temporary teacher contract for the School Corporation or (c) previously employed as a teacher by the School Corporation. Each of those years must have met the minimum number of days required by INPRS to count as a year of service.
Starting Salary. New certified teachers will is contract year being placed on the "Salary Schedule" set forth in Xxxxxxxx X-0, incorporated by reference herein, provided that teachers will not receive experience in excess of five (5) years or receive salaries that are higher than current teachers with the same teaching experience. For hard-to-fill positions, salaries may be set by agreement between the Superintendent and the Association President but shall not be outside the Salary Range.
Starting Salary. Your salary will be based on the Full Time Equivalent salary of [INSERT £•] per annum in accordance with the national pay scale pertinent to your role with your appointment on [INSERT GRADE]. Your pro-rata salary will be [INSERT £•] per annum based on the proportion of a full time equivalent, “FTE”, as set out in Clause