Section 20 Sample Clauses

Section 20. 3.1 46 It is recognized that counselors and librarians need time to do work without students. Employees 47 shall work with their principal to schedule such time.
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Section 20. 3.2 50 All secondary librarians shall receive two additional days to be used for the opening or closing of a 51 library. These days will be authorized through issuance of a supplemental contract and will be paid 52 at each librarian’s per diem rate.
Section 20. 1. 13 Termination of employment shall be for just cause. Layoffs are for economic reasons, or for lack of work. 15 Section 20.2. 16 Progressive discipline steps shall be used prior to termination of an employee, including written 17 notification of the unsatisfactory performance, with timelines to correct the unsatisfactory performance. 18 Exceptions shall only occur in cases of gross misconduct.
Section 20. 1. Accrual Full-time bargaining unit employees shall be entitled to vacation leave 29 with pay after one (1) year of continuous service with the Employer. The amount of vacation leave 30 to which an employee is entitled is based upon the length of continuous service as follows:
Section 20. 1. This Agreement is subject to all applicable federal laws and Chapter 4117 of the Ohio Revised Code and shall be interpreted whenever possible so as to comply fully with such laws. In accordance with the provisions of Ohio Revised Code Section 4117.10(A), all provisions listed in the table of contents of this Agreement are intended to supersede and/or prevail over conflicting subjects found in O.R.C. Sections 124.01 through 124.56, and the Rules and Regulations of the Civil Service Commission of the City of Vermilion.
Section 20. 4. 24 Permanent and temporary positions will be posted as required by the Collective Bargaining 25 Agreement.
Section 20. 4.1. 28 Temporary positions will be identified as such on the opening announcement(s). 29
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Section 20. 1.1 (Continue Lease) is deleted in its entirety and the following substituted in lieu thereof:
Section 20. 4. 2 Routes that increase or decrease by more than thirty (30) minutes, during the school year, shall be 3 posted and bid per Sections 10.6.2 and 10.8.
Section 20. 2.1 shall not be construed to limit Contractor’s other obligations or liabilities under this Agreement (including (i) its obligations to complete the Work for the compensation provided under this Agreement, (ii) its obligations to achieve the Milestone Dates, Mechanical Completion, Substantial Completion and Final Completion of the Project subject to Section 20.2.1, which shall remain effective irrespective of this Section 20.2.2 and (iii) its obligations with respect to Minimum Acceptance Criteria and Warranties), nor shall the limits specified in this Section 20.2 apply in the event of fraud, abandonment of the Work, gross negligence or willful misconduct of Contractor.
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