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Social Fund. 28.1 -Each club or Public Limited Sports company will pay the ABP an amount determined in each season's agreed terms of this Agreement, and also if the planned one-year extension occurs; the payment shall be split into two annual amounts, -one on December 31st and the other on June 30th -so that the Association may allocate it to fulfill its social obligations. The total amount payable is, Season 2013/14: 310.000 € Season 2014/15: 310.000 € Season 2015/16: 315.000 € Season 2016/17: 315.000 €. The corresponding amount for the 2013/14 season, although divided into two semesters, will be paid in full 15 days after the signing of this Agreement. In the event of an extension under Article 5.2 of the Agreement, the amount to be paid to the ABP in Season 2017/18 is set at € 315,000 If the number of ACB members changes to less than 18, a new pro rata scheme will be introduced so that the total amount received by the ABP is not reduced expedentially. The ACB is directly responsible to the ABP for the amounts outlined in this section within the agreed period
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Social Fund. 1. The social fund includes funding debited from university expenses in an amount of 1 % of the overall annual university wage costs, compensatory wage costs and remuneration for standby (i.e. all wages except for payment associated with contracts for work performed outside of employment relationships and severance pay) at an appropriate economic unit. The fund is replenished on a monthly basis with funding debited from the expenses of an appropriate economic unit.
Social Fund. During the current negotiations, the parties discussed the continuation of the Social Justice Fund. The purpose of fund Is to provide financial assistance to such entities as food banks, Canadian charities, and international relief measures to the of droughts, famines and other dislocations. Subject to the following conditions, the Company will make quarterly contributions to the Social Justice Fund equal to one cent for each straight time hour worked the preceding thirteen (13) week period. Hours Worked Payment Date 12/29/96 03/31/97 06/29/97 07/31/97 09/28/97 12/29/97 09/29/97 12/28/97 08/29/98 09/27/90 07/31/98 BENEFITS 12/28/98 03/28/99 03/29/99 06/27/99 09/26/99 The Company will make these quarterly payments providedthat:
Social Fund. In recent years, the parties to the Collective Agreement have developed useful products and services for the insurance industry. The products and services are financed from the employment funds. This source of financing is drying up, however. We are expecting to receive wider communcation these next few months about the activities that have already been developed to create suppport for the activities and how these are to be financed. The joint Task Force on Coherent Employability Policy will furthermore indicate which products and services should be made available and remain available for the insurance industry. The Taskforce will also indicate how these could be funded. Not later than in September 2021 the Task Force on Coherent Employability Policy will propose further actions to the parties to the Collective Agreement.
Social Fund. Upon receipt of a written authorization, the Contractor agrees to deduct from the employees’ wages the following sum and submit to the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 66 Social Fund for hours paid for: Effective 08-01-19 $0.15
Social Fund. The Social Justice Fund provisions are effective February and contributions owing shall be paid within days of ratification of Collective Agreement.

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  • Economic Benefit The Administrator shall annually determine the economic benefit attributable to the Executive based on the life insurance premium factor for the Executive’s age multiplied by the aggregate death benefit payable to the Executive’s beneficiary. The “life insurance premium factor” is the minimum factor applicable under guidance published pursuant to Treasury Reg. section 1.61-22(d)(3)(ii) or any subsequent authority.

  • Hospitalization Insurance The Employer shall provide: HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE Effective as soon as is practical after September 1, 2011 or date of ratification, whichever is sooner. Community Blue PPO 4$2/25/50 Prescription Drug Rider Dental Plan 2 $ Mandatory Mail-Order for Maintenance Drugs $ On Mail-Order- Pay for 2 month supply, get 3 month supply $ Mandatory Generic Drugs$ $10 Office and Chiropractic Visit Employees Contribute $10 per Pay Period for spousal coverage. Effective the first pay period after 9/1/2011 or as soon as is practicable employees hired before 9/1/11 shall pay 5% of the illustrated rate for the health and dental coverage they select. Effective 1/1/2012 employees hired before 9/1/11 shall pay 10% of the illustrated rate for the health and dental coverage they select. Effective the first pay period after 9/1/2011 or as soon as is practicable, for employees hired on or after 9/1/11, employees shall contribute 20% of the illustrated rate for the coverage the employee selects.

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