Quarterly Payments definition

Quarterly Payments means the payments that are required to be made to satisfy the Class 6, 7, and 8 Claims. Such Quarterly Payments shall be amortized from the Initial Plan Payment Date through December 1, 2022. The Debtorscourt-approved financial advisor shall calculate the amount of the Quarterly Payments following the Initial Payment Date. The Plan Proponents shall then tender to the Disbursing Agent the Quarterly Payments on the Initial Quarterly Payment Due Date and then subsequently on each Quarterly Payment Due Date until the Rohi Settlement Payment and the State of Texas OIG Settlement Payment, and any interest accrued thereon, are paid in full.
Quarterly Payments means the quarterly payments ELI shall make to FOCAS under the terms of this Agreement as described in Section 4.1.
Quarterly Payments means the payments to be made by the Parties on the following dates: 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December;

Examples of Quarterly Payments in a sentence

  • This will be calculated on a monthly basis and the amount will be deducted from the Quarterly Payments.

  • The FIRST advanced payment of XXXX AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($XXX) shall be disbursed by OHA upon execution of this Agreement, submission of a press release acknowledging OHA’s funding support and verification of issuance to media outlets, and submission of a Request for Payment on Grant to the OHA Grants Portal.2. Quarterly Payments.

  • The rate at which the interest portion of Quarterly Payments is calculated is not intended to exceed the maximum rate or amount of interest permitted by applicable law.

  • The Maximum Availability Payment for Fiscal Year y (MAPy) is payable in Quarterly Payments as provided in Section 2.3 below and subject to adjustments, positive and negative, as provided in Section 3 below.

  • Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement, all of the FOUNDATION’s and the BSA’s respective rights, responsibilities, and obligations as set forth herein shall terminate, provided that Sections 6 and 7 shall survive in perpetuity, and the Foundation shall be responsible for any unpaid Quarterly Payments.

More Definitions of Quarterly Payments

Quarterly Payments has the meaning ascribed to in Section 2.6(c).
Quarterly Payments has the meaning given to it in Clause 11.2;
Quarterly Payments shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.
Quarterly Payments the four equal instalments of the Annual Sum payable by the PCT to the Council as described in Clause 4.2 “Respite BreakCarers Respite Services described in the specification in the Contract;
Quarterly Payments means a series of payments from Interpharm to Tris every ninety (90) days beginning on the ninetieth day after the Initial Payment until the Tris Total Payments equal $3,750,000. Each Quarterly Payment shall be $400,000, except for the final Quarterly Payment, which shall be $200,000.
Quarterly Payments shall have the meaning specified in Article 4(e).
Quarterly Payments means the dollar amount as determined by the Formula to be paid by the Escrow Agent on behalf of Endeavour to AuRico from the First Escrowed Funds, such amount to be paid within 30 days of each Calendar Quarter;