SNOW Sample Clauses

SNOW. On a pilot basis during winter of 'the and school years; when school or is closed due to weather conditions, employees will be to be absent from work loss of pay or reduction of sick subject to the following prior to November, a gr oup consisting of t h r ee of Loca l a nd t hr ee ) r epr esentatives of t he Boar d shall meet t o determine mutually acceptable cr i t er ia r xxxx xxxx and of and to be employed during the per iod. . in the! event that no agreement be reached present to Boar d shall apply. substitute who are work a snow day shall be paid for the hour s on t hat I f t he and all of t he Boar d’s locations are closed due to weather. LETTER INTENT : WITH ARTICLE This Understanding shall have application to a bargaining unit member had status as a probationary a s o f J u n e Thus this Letter of Understanding t o or employees on staff of J une o r n e wly t h e a f t e r LAYOFFS - - - from of until J une no bargaining unit employee, who is cover ed by t he application of t his Letter of Understanding, shall be off. WORK LOAD The parties are agreed the Board shall undertake a Location Work Study during life of the Collective The study is designed to the present workload formula, in order to determine the total number of caretaking and cleaning hours the schools.
SNOW. If, during this regular rotation sequence, an arbitrator is unable to specify a date for the arbitration hearing, within a reasonable time period from the date the grievance requestwas submitted to him (within calendar days), the parties may agree to request the next arbitrator from the rotationsequence to provide such a date. The decision of an Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties and any employees involved. The Arbitrator shall not have any power to alter or change any of the provisions of this Agreement or to substitute and new provisions for any existing provisions. The cost of the arbitrator shall be shared equally by both parties. In the event that the parties cannot agree on an arbitrator for discharge cases, the arbitrator will be selected through the Ministry of in accordance with the Labour RelationsAct, Chapter Article When an employee is discharged, will be given the opportunity of being interviewed by Committee person prior to being requested to leave the plant and the employee will be so advised of this option. If, however, due to the nature of the offense or happening, it is deemed necessary by the Company to initiate immediate expulsion of the employee from the plant, a Committee person will be given an opportunity to immediately interview the discharged employee at a convenient location "off the company premises".
SNOW. Landscaping shall be designed so as to accommodate on-Lot snow removal and storage.
SNOW. USPS Removes Snow and Ice from Premises except for Roof and Non-Exclusive Postal Service Use Areas: The Postal Service agrees to remove snow and ice at the cost of the Postal Service from only those areas used exclusively by the Postal Service, which may include all or only portions of the sidewalks, driveways, drive aisles, entrances, exits, parking and maneuvering areas, and any other areas providing exclusive access to the Premises used by the Postal Service’s employees, contractors, or customers (including, but not limited to, Lease ID: Q90000536517 Facility Name/Location Jessieville – Main Office (044599-004) County: Garland Utilities and Service Rider stairs, handicap access ramps, carrier ramps, etc.). The Postal Service is not responsible for, and will not pay the costs of, the removal of snow and ice from the roof or any areas not exclusively used by the Postal Service. Landlord is responsible for and must pay the costs of the timely removal of snow and ice from the roof, as well as all areas not exclusively used by the Postal Service.
SNOW. Licensee shall remove all tables and chairs from the Licensed Area within 6 hours of any snowfall, unless Licensee removes the snow from the Licensed Area within said time. Licensee shall not place removed snow on public property or within required pedestrian areas or exit routes. If a snowfall were to occur during the license period and the business still has furniture on the sidewalk, the licensee is required to clear the area within 6 hours after the event has ended. Failure to remove snow according to this Section shall be sufficient cause for the City to revoke this License Agreement pursuant to Section 20 below.