License Period definition

License Period means the period as more particularly described in this Agreement.
License Period means the period beginning from the Commencement Date and ending on the Termination Date by efflux of time or sooner determination in accordance with the date of this Agreement.

Examples of License Period in a sentence

  • For last year of License Period, the Licensee shall submit the Bank Guarantee valid for remaining License Period plus six months and shall renew it, if required, till the final settlement of all accounts failing which the Bank Guarantee of the Licensee shall be invoked and encashed by DMRC without prior intimation to the licensee.

  • Within thirty (30) calendar days after the last day of the License Period for each Included Program, Licensee shall destroy (or at Licensor’s request, return to Licensor) all Advertising Materials for such Included Program.

  • Upon request by SPE and to the extent reasonably available to Licensee, Licensee shall provide SPE with periodic traffic reports of all visits made to the Microsite during the License Period for the Program.

  • The Interest Free Security Deposit / Performance Security shall be escalated @5% per annum on compounding basis after completion of every 1 year of License Period.

  • Licensee shall not promote any Included Program after the expiration of the License Period for such Included Program.

More Definitions of License Period

License Period means a period of 10 years subsequent to expiry of fitment period after handing over of the station.
License Period means the two-year period beginning with the date of original issue or renewal of a particular license and ending on the expiration date, if any.
License Period means the two-year period beginning with the
License Period means the period during which a license issued under s. 101.951 or 101.952 is effective, as estab- lished by the department under s. 101.951 (2) (b) 1. or 101.952 (2)
License Period means October 1 through the following September 30.
License Period means the two years between the dates on which the Board issues a license and the license expires.
License Period means the period commencing from the date of installation of Software (Effective date) upto the period mentioned in the Invoice.