Licensed Area definition

Licensed Area means the area in which the Licensee is authorised to
Licensed Area means the area as described in Item 3 of Schedule 1 and shown hatched on the Plan, including all improvements in such area existing at the Commencement Date and that may be made to, installed or constructed in that area under this Licence.
Licensed Area means the territory of the Kingdom of Bahrain;

Examples of Licensed Area in a sentence

  • The Licensee must comply with all Statutory Requirements relating to the Licensee's use and occupation of the Licensed Area.

  • The Council and the Licensee acknowledge and agree that this Licence contains and represents the entire agreement reached between them with regard to the Licensed Area and that no promises, representations or undertakings, other than those contained in this Licence, were made or given or relied upon.

  • If as a result of any damage or destruction the Licensed Area is unfit for the Licensee’s use then as soon as reasonably practicable after the damage or destruction occurs (having regard to its nature and extent), the Council must make good the damage or destruction so that the Licensee may use and occupy the Licensed Area for the Permitted Purpose.

  • Subject to the Council’s rights and to the Licensee complying with the Licensee’s obligations under this Licence, the Licensee may occupy the Licensed Area during the Term without interference from the Council.

  • If there is no separate meter for recording or measuring the Services and utilities supplied to or used from the Licensed Area, then the Licensee must, if required by the Council, install the necessary meters at the Licensee’s cost.

More Definitions of Licensed Area

Licensed Area means the lands on which the licensee is authorized to harvest or use forest resources. R.S.O. 1990, c. O.1, s. 24 (2); 1994, c. 25, s. 83 (2).
Licensed Area means the portion of the Site licensed by the Judicial Council to Licensee to install, operate and maintain the System as provided in this SLA and as further described in Exhibit B.
Licensed Area means the area in which the Licensee is authorised to convey gas as set out in Schedule 1;
Licensed Area means land which is the subject of a licence issued under section 20E;s. 3 S. 3 def. of "licensed land" substituted by No. 81/2000 s. 4(4)(a).
Licensed Area means the United Kingdom excluding the Hull area;
Licensed Area means the geographical area covered by the licence;
Licensed Area means the area which incorporates: