Plumbing system definition

Plumbing system means plumbing fixtures and traps, waste and vent pipes, and all sewer pipes within a building and extending to the building sewer connection two feet outside the building foundation or wall.

Examples of Plumbing system in a sentence

  • The entire Mechanical and Plumbing system in all and / or in part shall conform to all pertinent laws, ordinances, and regulations of all bodies having jurisdiction.

  • Plumbing system shall include all water and sanitary piping buried and above ground.

  • Plumbing system including fixtures, equipment, materials, installation, and workmanship shall be in accordance with the plumbing Code, except as modified herein.

  • Plumbing system includes piping less than 1.50 meters outside of the building walls.

  • Plumbing system plans and specifications that are submitted to the commissioner for review shall be accompanied by the appropriate plan examination fees.

More Definitions of Plumbing system

Plumbing system means the system of connected piping, fittings, valves, equipment, fixtures and appurtenances contained in plumbing that begins, is located and is connected immediately after the meter.
Plumbing system means a drainage system, a venting system and a water system or parts thereof.
Plumbing system means fixtures, pipes, and related parts, including a septic apparatus, assembled to carry clean water into a structure and to carry sewage out of a structure.
Plumbing system means water supply and distribution pipes, wells and attached equipment, waste and vent pipes, inside drains, permanently installed fixtures such as toilets, sinks, tubs and showers, but plumbing system does not include: water mains, septic systems or connected piping located outside of the dwelling, sewer lines located outside of the dwelling, sump pits, sump pumps and their attached piping or equipment, outside drains, weeping tiles, french drains or similar systems, eaves troughs or downspouts located inside or outside the building.
Plumbing system means any potable water distribution piping, and any drainage piping within or below any building, including rainwater leaders and all plumbing fixtures, traps, vents and devices appurtenant to such water distribution or drainage piping and including potable water treating or using equipment, and any lawn-sprinkling system.