Variances Sample Clauses

Variances. This Agreement shall not be deemed to prohibit any owner of property within the planned development from seeking or obtaining one or more variances from the requirements of this Agreement pursuant to the LDC. In addition to those entitled to notice pursuant to the LDC, notice of any public hearing to consider a proposed variance shall be provided to all persons owning property within the planned development. No such variance shall be deemed to require formal amendment to this Agreement.
Variances. For purposes of bid evaluation, Bidder’s must indicate any variances, no matter how slight, from ITB General Conditions, Special Conditions, Specifications or Addenda in the space provided in the ITB. No variations or exceptions by a Bidder will be considered or deemed a part of the bid submitted unless such variances or exceptions are listed in the bid and referenced in the space provided on the bidder proposal pages. If variances are not stated, or referenced as required, it will be assumed that the product or service fully complies with the City’s terms, conditions, and specifications. By receiving a bid, City does not necessarily accept any variances contained in the bid. All variances submitted are subject to review and approval by the City. If any bid contains material variances that, in the City’s sole opinion, make that bid conditional in nature, the City reserves the right to reject the bid or part of the bid that is declared by the City as conditional.
Variances. The following will not apply to variances of a strictly administrative nature.
Variances. Requests for Variance (RFV) - RFVs shall be designated as Critical, Major, or Minor. RFVs shall be in Contractor format and shall include information outlined in ANSI/EIA-649 section and SAE-EIA-649-1 section 3.3.2. DD Form 1694is the preferred format for RFV submissions. Note: A copy of the preferred RFV Form DD Form 1694 is available at: xxxx:// Additional guidance for completion of RFV can be found at the AttachmentRequest for Variance Form 1694 Additional Guidance Rev NA”. This attachment is incorporated by reference with the same force and effect as if contained herein. The Contractor's assigned RFV number shall use the following numbering format:
Variances. The Sub-Custodian may accept securities or cash delivered in settlement of trades notwithstanding variances between the amount of securities or cash so delivered and the amount specified in the instructions furnished to it by the Custodian, provided that the variance in any particular transaction does not exceed (i) $25 in the case of transactions of $1,000,000 or less, and (ii) $50 in the case of transactions exceeding $1,000,000. The Sub-Custodian shall maintain a record of any such variances and notify the Custodian of such variances in periodic transaction reports submitted to the Custodian. The Sub-Custodian will not advise any party with whom the Fund effects securities transactions of the existence of these variance provisions without the consent of the Fund and the Custodian.
Variances. Where a variance exists or other discrepancies are noted between prices on this Cost Proposal Form and prices specified elsewhere in Contractor’s proposal, the pricing shown on this Cost Proposal Form shall prevail.
Variances. The Board, acting for the Association, shall have the power to grant reasonable variances from the provisions of this Declaration from time to time, as the Board may deem, in its sole discretion, to be in the best interests of the Center, in order to overcome practical difficulties and to prevent unnecessary hardship in the application of the provisions contained herein; provided, however, that: (a) a variance shall not materially injure any of the Parcels or Improvements in the Center; and (b) the Owner seeking the variance shall otherwise be subject to and conform with all applicable governmental laws, ordinances, regulations and requirements. No variance granted pursuant to the authority granted herein shall constitute a waiver of any provision of this Declaration as applied to any person or real property.
Variances. The department may approve in writing a variance from a requirement of this chapter upon written request from the grantee if the department determines that a vari- ance is essential to effect necessary grant actions or water quality objectives and where special circumstances make a variance in the best interest of the program. A grantee’s written variance request shall clearly explain the circumstances justifying the variance. Before approving a variance, the department shall take into account factors such as good cause, circumstances beyond the control of the grantee and financial hardship. The department may not grant variances from statutory requirements. History: CR 00−025: cr. Register September 2002 No. 561, eff. 10−1−02. NR 155.32 Grant evaluation and enforcement.