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Sewer System means pipelines or conduits, pumping stations, force mains, vehicles, vessels, conveyances, injection wells, and all other constructions, devices, and appliances appurtenant thereto used for conducting sewage or industrial waste or other wastes to a point of ultimate disposal or disposal to any water of the state. To the extent that they are not subject to section 402 of the federal Water Pollution Control Act, ditches, pipes, and drains that serve only to collect, channel, direct, and convey nonpoint runoff from precipitation are not considered as sewer systems for the purposes of this part of this division.

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The Bardstown Sewer System is a regional provider that serves approximately 8,000 retail customers and treats wastewater for the Bloomfield Wastewater Collection System through the Kentucky Inter-System Operational Permit (KISOP).

MS4 stormwater team training documentation and certificates are included as Appendix O-1 of this SWMPP. Sanitary Sewer System Inspections and MaintenanceSimilar to practices for stormwater drainage system inspections and maintenance procedures (Section, the ISC/FEMC maintains software to schedule regular inspections and maintenance of the sanitary sewer system.

Regional Sanitary Sewer System Asset Consolidation Study The Committee discussed the issue of the governance structure for a regionalized sewer system.

Water & Sewer System spending totals $3.01 million or 26.32%, Vehicles and Equipment accounts for $2.95 million or 25.76%, Buildings and Improvements totals $362 thousand or 3.17%, and Stormwater Management totals $263 thousand or 2.30%.Fiscal Years 2018 – 2022 Plan SummaryExpenditures over the 5-year plan period total $56.45 million.

Sewer pipe, pumps, and manhole structures are expected to be the focus of future investment to maintain a high level of service to the community.Water & Sewer System Spending Projections‌In FY2013 the Village began a multi-year sanitary sewer cleaning and televising program in an effort to create a baseline for the condition of the sanitary sewer network.

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Sewer System means and include all facilities for collecting, pumping, treating, and disposing of sewage.
Sewer System means a public or privately owned sewer system designed and used to convey or treat sanitary sewage or sanitary sewage and storm water. Sewer system does not include an on-site wastewater treatment system serving 1 residential unit or duplex.
Sewer System or “System” shall mean a publicly-owned treatment works (POTW) (as defined by Section 212 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, also known as the Clean Water Act, as amended, codified at 33 U.S.C. § 1292) owned by the County. The term shall mean any wastewater treatment facility, any sanitary sewer that conveys wastewater to such treatment facility and any wastewater pumping facility.
Sewer System means, for each Member, facilities of such Member for the collection, treatment, disposal or reuse of wastewater within its jurisdiction, together with necessary pipes, pumps, valves and machinery and lands, easements and rights of way therefor; and other works, properties or structures necessary or convenient for the collection, treatment, disposal or reuse of wastewater within its jurisdiction, including all additions, betterments, extensions and improvements to such facilities or any part thereof thereafter made.