Seismic Sample Clauses

Seismic. Burlington will conduct, at its sole risk and expense, a seismic program to acquire new seismic data as set forth in this Article 2 and identified in red on Exhibit "A" within the CD Unitized Area. Burlington will acquire approximately 13 line miles of new seismic data as part of its Seismic Commitment within the CD Unitized Area. Burlington will pay for all costs and will own the data. Burlington will attempt to permit, shoot and acquire such seismic data no later than November 15, 2001. Burlington shall complete the, processing and interpretation of the acquired seismic data by February 1, 2002. In the event Burlington is unable to permit, shoot and acquire the 2-D seismic data in its entirety by November 15, 2001 because of delays in permitting and winter range stipulations, Burlington will resume acquisition of the seismic data as soon as possible after April 30, 2002 and complete acquisition of the remaining data by June 15, 2002. Burlington shall complete the processing and interpretation of any seismic data acquired after April 30, 2002, if any, by August 30, 2002. Burlington will advise the Participants, in writing, of contemplated parameters prior to acquisition and processing of the data. Burlington will manage all phases of the seismic program and will present prints, Mylar and tapes of the final stack seismic sections and migrated versions; copies of all field data, including digital field reels, observers note, surveyors notes, and shot hole drill logs (if dynamite sourced to each of the Participants within 30 days after Burlington's receipt thereof. Upon fourteen (14) days written request Participant shall have the right to review and receive a copy of Burlington's current interpretation of the seismic results. All data provided under the Unitized Area shall include a complete image, whether stacked or migrated. The Participants' use of such data will be governed by the License Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit "B." The Participants agree that the information and data furnished hereunder shall not be disclosed, traded, transferred, sold, loaned or otherwise made available in any form to any third party, provided that:
Seismic. All Base Stations will be BELLCORE Zone 4 Compliant per TR-NWT-000063. This specification applies to the Cabinet or Frame structure. Optional bracing may be required in Zone 4 areas to provide support of the Cabinet or Frame for indoor applications.
Seismic. Seller shall, and shall cause Fxxxx Administrative to, cooperate with any reasonable requests of Purchaser (and, after the Closing, the Company) in connection with Purchaser’s (or, after the Closing, the Company’s) obtaining one or more licenses to seismic data currently licensed by Fxxxx Administrative and relating to the Company Oil and Gas Properties; provided, that this Section 6.28 shall not require Seller or Fxxxx Administrative to incur any out of pocket fees or expenses or breach the terms of any contract relating to seismic data.
Seismic. The Pipeline shall be seismically designed using appropriate application of the best practical technology, to prevent integrity issues from the effects of geohazards, including seismic accelerations, ground deformation, and earthquake-induced mass movements.
Seismic. Originals, photocopies or other images of all proprietary geophysical, geological and/or seismic data and maps in Seller’s possession, in electronic format if available, insofar as they directly relate to a Lease or lands unitized therewith or other interests included in the Oil & Gas Interests, including without limitation, all processing, reprocessing and derivative products and all rights therein, but excluding (i) internal valuations, price forecasts, interpretive data or documentation, (ii) privileged or confidential information, (iii) information or records that are subject to any third party license or secrecy agreement that may restrict Seller’s ability to disclose or transfer such information or records, (iv) documents that relate solely to any Retained Obligations, and (v) regional geological and geophysical interpretation and information beyond the Leases. Where the electronic version of the relevant data desired by Purchaser is held by a third party vendor, Purchaser shall have the right to obtain a copy of said relevant data from the third party vendor to the extent that Purchaser can demonstrate that it has a license or other right to the underlying data set or derivations derived therefrom on which the reprocessing is based, and that transfer of such reprocessing will not violate the terms of Seller’s license agreement or to the extent that they may be lawfully assigned or licensed by Seller to Purchaser without cost to Seller. Further, Seller agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain consent from BP Exploration & Production Inc. (“BP”) to assign its rights to Purchaser under that certain Reprocessed Data Right-of-Use Agreement between BP and Seller dated October 5, 2006. Seller and Purchaser agree that the map outline of the area of survey to be provided to Purchaser is the same as those maps included as Exhibit 11 to this Agreement. With regard to Seller’s internally reprocessed 3D survey data, Seller shall issue a non-exclusive sub-license to Purchaser for the relevant seismic products, including stacks, migrated volumes, partial stacks (near, mid, far) and gathers in the agreed format and media, provided Purchaser bears the sole cost and expense of such formatting. Purchaser hereby acknowledges that the seismic data in this Section 2.1.8 is an image or model of the real earth and may not depict or serve as an accurate representation of the same. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in this Agreement, Seller shall n...
Seismic. Lessee must provide Lessor with five (5) business days notice before any seismic or other geological or geophysical operations involving explosives will be conducted on the leased premises. Lessor may object to and prevent such operations if Lessor reasonably believes such explosives could materially damage Lessor’s property or materially interfere with Lessor’s mining operations.
Seismic. Concurrent with earning an interest in a Prospect, each Participant will earn its respective working interest percentage in the interest of Frontier in all seismic data and material resulting from the seismic conducted by Frontier in respect of such Prospect. Frontier will control all resale and trading rights in respect of such seismic data and material on behalf of the parties hereto and any proceeds received by Frontier from any sale thereof shall be distributed to the parties according to their respective interest in such seismic data and material.
Seismic. Seismic loads shall be in accordance with Section 3.0.
Seismic. (a) 3-D (API) in Xx.Xx. ...........