Power System definition

Power System means all aspects of generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity and includes one or more of the following, namely:-
Power System means the Transmission System or Distribution System;
Power System means a system comprising (a) the transmission system; and (b) generation facilities and load facilities, as defined in the market rules, connected to the transmission system;

Examples of Power System in a sentence

  • The North East Power System (NEPS) which serves several of the Northern provinces as well as Kabul has seen significant growth.

  • Belhadj and R.B. Mansour, "Temperature and Humidity Impact on Power System Load Modeling," in Proc.

  • However, the APTEL relied on the decision of the Standing Committee on Power System Planning (a statutory committee) to hold NPCIL as the defaulting entity as it was only NPCIL who was responsible to arrange the downstream system for connection to Transmission System by SCOD so that it could be put to use.

  • Concerning the crash/hang failure, a physical interface is needed to allow the benchmark management system to reset the SUB (an UPS - Uninterruptible Power System - may also be used to provide this functionally). Simplicity of useThe implementation of the DBench-OLTP benchmark using high-level hardware failures was quite simple.

  • Five Year Base Case: The model representing the New York State Power System over the first five years of the Study Period.

More Definitions of Power System

Power System means all plant and equipment essential to the generation, transmission or distribution of electricity, including any plant or equipment that is out of service, being constructed or being installed;
Power System means a powerplant or a group of powerplants and related facilities, including transmission fa- cilities, or a transmission system, that the PMA treats as one unit for the pur- poses of establishing rates and dem- onstrating repayment.
Power System means the system for generating, transmitting, distributing and supplying electricity and includes a part of the system;
Power System means all aspects of generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity and include one or more of the following, namely- Generating Stations, Transmission or main transmission lines, sub stations, tie lines, Load Despatch activities and mains or distribution mains etc;Regional Load Dispatch Centre” means the Centre for each region established by the Central Government under sub-section (1) of section 27 of the Act;