Definition of Policy Period

Policy Period means the period of time between the effective date stated in Item 2. of the Declarations and the termination, expiration or cancellation date of this policy.
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Examples of Policy Period in a sentence

Page 1 of 1 Amendment ___ Policy Number: Insured: Policy Period: From: To: Effective Date of This Amendment: 12:01 am Standard Time This amendment modifies insurance provided under the following: AVIATION COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY POLICY THIS AMENDMENT CHANGES YOUR POLICY.
The Policy Period terminates at the date and hour specified in such notice, or at the date and time of surrender.
With respect to Data Protection Loss, any alteration, corruption, destruction, deletion or damage to any Data Asset that arises out of, is the same as, is a continuation of, or is related to, any alteration, corruption, destruction, deletion or damage to any Data Asset that occurred prior to the Policy Period, shall be deemed to have first occurred prior to the Policy Period.
In no event shall the liability of Underwriters exceed the relevant Limits of Liability set out in Item 4 of the Declarations; such Limits of Liability shall apply to the Policy Period set out in Item 5 of the Declarations combined with the extended claims made periods set out above.
The above 90-day notice requirement shall not apply, and the Insurer agrees automatically extend such coverage, without payment of an additional premium if, (1) the assets of the new entity do not exceed 25% of the Named Entity's total assets, or (2) such transaction occurs less than ninety (90) days prior to the end of the Policy Period, subject to all other terms and conditions and only for so long as this Policy Period remains in effect.