Toileting Sample Clauses

Toileting the ability to use the lavatory or otherwise manage bowel and bladder functions so as to maintain a satisfactory level of personal hygiene;
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Toileting. Getting to and from the toilet, getting on and off the toilet, and associated personal hygiene.
Toileting. Any student who requires physical support with toileting on a regular basis will have a care plan for the employee to follow that has been reviewed by the student’s guardian and IEP team. The care plan shall be reviewed with the employee prior to performing these services.
Toileting. 1. How frequently does your child have a bowel movement?
Toileting. Does your child need assistance with toileting? Yes No How can we best help? What are your ideas about toilet training? How can we best help?
Toileting. Paraprofessionals who provide intensive toileting assistance and/or diapering for students shall receive an annual stipend paid quarterly for each school year. Employees who substitute for the paraprofessionals will receive a daily rate as follows: $4.00 in 2017-18, $5.00 in 2018-19 and $6.00 in 2019-20. The quarterly stipend will be $150 in 2017-18, $200 in 2018- 19 and $250 in 2019-20. The district will develop a policy to ensure the safety and dignity of both students and staff. The union and the administration will agree on a list of members eligible for this benefit. This benefit will be paid in quarterly installments. The decision of the parties is final and binding and not subject to arbitration.
Toileting. Your ability to get to and from and on and off the toilet, to maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene and to adjust clothing without Direct Assistance. Cognitively Impaired and Cognitive Impairment means confusion or disorientation due to organic changes in the brain resulting in a deterioration or loss in intellectual capacity as confirmed by cognitive or other tests satisfactory to the company.
Toileting. 1. When a student is in need of toileting assistance, it is recommended that it be with two (2) adults present, subject to urgent or unavoidable circumstances.
Toileting. What has your child learned about toileting? What words are associated with toileting?
Toileting. 45 The District will endeavor to utilize in all circumstances same gender employees to diaper and toilet students 46 over the age of six years. As best practice, Paraeducators shall be assigned in pairs for this task whenever 47 reasonably possible and an appropriate coverage plan will be developed to account for employee absences. 48 Employees who have concerns will notify their supervisors in writing for appropriate assistance.