Duly Authorised Representative definition

Duly Authorised Representative means any of those employees of a Party whose names have been notified in writing to the other Party as having authority to bind the Party in circumstances where its agreement is required hereunder and, until otherwise notified, shall in the case of the Network Operator be such person who from time to time shall occupy the position of Network Director and in the case of the DFO, shall be such person who from time to time shall occupy the position of site manager. For the avoidance of doubt, the Duly Authorised Representative will not be the Delivery Facility Representative or the Network Operator Shift Representative;
Duly Authorised Representative means a Board Director of B38.
Duly Authorised Representative means any person authorised by the Company or the Company’s client(s)/customer(s) for whom the Consultancy is performing Services;

Examples of Duly Authorised Representative in a sentence

  • Other than making or changing investments at your instruction (or those of your Duly Authorised Representative), the Trustee will not otherwise take any steps in relation to the investments held.

  • Subject to Clause7.4, the Network Entry Provisions shall not be amended except by written agreement of the Duly Authorised Representative of the Network Operator.

  • A member present by its Duly Authorised Representative at any meeting of the Company shall be deemed to have received notice of the meeting and, where necessary, of the purposes for which it was called.

  • Full name and address of Duly Authorised Representative for service: ...............................................................................................................................................................

  • Subject to Article 16.14 no person shall be a Director unless he is an Ordinary Member or a Duly Authorised Representative of an Organisational Member.

More Definitions of Duly Authorised Representative

Duly Authorised Representative means a person lawfully acting on the patient’s behalf when the patient is unable to act for themselves (i.e. due to a lack of capacity). Guidance issued by the DOH will address how this person will be identified in practice.
Duly Authorised Representative means the person appointed by a member to act on its behalf in respect of the Company; (‘duly appointed representatives’ has a corresponding meaning); GM A meeting called for the purpose of discussing business matters of the Company and which are not Annual General Meetings;
Duly Authorised Representative means any person appointed to act in that capacity pursuant to Bye-Laws 87 or 87A.
Duly Authorised Representative means any person who (a) is a Director of the Issuer or(b) has been notified by the Issuer in writing to the Trustee as being duly authorised to sign documents and to do other acts and things on behalf of the Issuer for the purposes of this Trust Deed;
Duly Authorised Representative means an individual appointed by their organisation as their authorised representative pursuant to Clause 17.
Duly Authorised Representative means [INSERT WHO YOU WANT TO BE AUTHORISED].
Duly Authorised Representative means: For AQA, the person holding the position of Head of Sourcing and Supply Management or his assignees or successors; or For the Supplier, a natural or legal person who has been granted the express authority to act on behalf of the Supplier in commercial and contractual matters and specifically in relation to this contract; Goods means any such goods, including hardware, software, equipment or other articles or things (or any of them or any part or parts of them), which shall be provided by the Supplier (or by any of the Supplier’s sub-contracts) pursuant to or in connection with this Agreement; Key Personnel means members of the Supplier’s Personnel closely and directly involved in the delivery of Goods and/or Services in respect of the Purchase Order; Purchase Order means a purchase for Goods and/or Services placed by AQA; Purchase Order Term means the period of time over which the Supplier is to provide Goods and/or Services, in the Purchase Order (if any) or, if relevant, as otherwise agreed between the Supplier and AQA in writing; Services means the services to be provided by the Supplier (or any of the Supplier’s sub-contractors) pursuant to or in connection with this Agreement; Supplier means the organisation, company or person to whom the Purchase Order is issued; Supplier's Personnel means any person instructed to undertake any of the Supplier's obligations under this Agreement, including the Supplier's employees, agents and sub-contractors.