Roadways Sample Clauses

Roadways. The Lessee shall, if reasonably required by either party, ensure that any roadway on the leased premises is constructed to a low profile unless topography of land dictates otherwise.
Roadways. Roadways shall be designed in accordance with design data and criteria of the Ministry of Transportation as revised from time to time. Roadways shall be constructed in the locations and to the widths and grades indicated within Schedules "A-1" and "E" and set out in Schedule "D" attached hereto.
Roadways. 3. The Subdivider shall construct and install roadways with granular base and asphalt pavement and concrete curb and gutter in accordance with the current specifications prescribed by the Township. The width of (gutter lines) or all streets within the Phase 2 Plan except for dead end streets (cul-de-sacs) shall not be less than twenty-eight (28') feet in perpendicular width, all as and where indicated on the General Servicing Plan and as otherwise required by the Municipal Engineer. Municipal standards are to serve as a minimum; however, road designs as prepared by the Subdivider’s Geotechnical Engineer exceeding these standards shall be acceptable to the Township.
Roadways. Section VII of the Development Standards attached hereto as Exhibit F outline the standards for the On-Site Thoroughfares and Off-Site Thoroughfares to serve the Project. These roadways as approved by the City for various phases of the Project will be public, utilize material types outlined in the Development Standards, and be constructed in accordance with applicable laws and the Charleston City Code as the same may from time to time be amended. The City agrees to maintain such roadways in a manner consistent with and at least equal to other roadways within the City. Developer, with approval by the City and in compliance with the encroachment approval process, may enhance the On-Site Thoroughfares and Off-Site Thoroughfares with additional landscaping and improvements in order for the streetscape associated with these roadways to be maintained to the standards of the Developer. The funding and maintenance for such enhancements shall be the responsibility of the Developer or by an entity established by the Developer such as a Property Owners Association. The City and Developer agree to establish regulations, procedures, and a schedule for street sweeping to allow City equipment to properly clean the On-Site Thoroughfares within the Project.
Roadways. Section VII of the Development Standards attached hereto as Exhibit F outline the locations and standards for the On-Site Thoroughfares and Off-Site Thoroughfares. These standards specify thoroughfare type, right of way width, pavement width, sidewalks, and street planting requirements. The Developer acknowledges that the TRC may request as part of the submittal process of development applications to the TRC an AutoTurn Analysis to validate that the street types specified in the Development Standards and their location within each of the Transect Zones ensure sufficient access for emergency vehicles.
Roadways. City and its Agents shall have the right to enter upon and pass through and across the Premises on any existing or future roadways and as City desires.
Roadways. Multnomah County agrees to transfer public roadways within Area 93 currently within its jurisdiction to Washington County. These roadways are shown in Exhibit A to this Agreement. The transfer includes all signals, signs and other road/transportation related equipment and improvements (including stormwater and water quality facilities) within the road right of way; any fee title, right of way, easement, dedication or other similar road related property interest; and any sidewalk, slope, traffic device, stormwater drainage or similar road related easements. Existing driveway permits, developer agreements for road frontage construction, payment in lieu of agreements, etc will also be transferred. Multnomah County will provide hard copies of (or access to) all records relating to the transferred roads and assets by January 1, 2014, related to the items in the prior paragraph. Obligation for maintenance of all road/transportation related facilities (cross culverts, drainage, slopes, vegetation, etc.) shall remain with Multnomah County until the effective date of this transfer.
Roadways. Not to block local roadways and other vehicular access, and to keep them, and car parking spaces, clear of unroadworthy vehicles and other obstructions.
Roadways. (a) Roadways between tracks at crossings involving more than one set of tracks, including the roadway subgrade, must be of the same quality as the roadway approaches to the crossing unless the highway authority and the railroad company agree to a higher quality.
Roadways. If paved roadways are installed on all or any part of the Easement, they shall be installed and maintained by the Grantor on and over the entire width of the Easement, with no planters, islands, or median structures. The lateral edges of the Easement shall be clearly delineated by permanent surface features approved in advance in writing by the Distributor.