Recreation Facilities Sample Clauses

Recreation Facilities. 8.01 On the basis of duration of the camp and proximity of local commercial facilities as determined at a pre-job conference, recreation space shall be provided on the basis of six (6) square feet (0.55m²) per person and a minimum total of 520 square feet (48.25m²). On camps of (fifty) 50 occupants or less the minimum shall be 320 square feet (29.65m²). Consideration of space, in addition to the use of the dining hall for lectures, films and meetings shall include a divided games room and partitioned T.V. room. Equipment to include: upholstered chairs, pool tables, shuffleboards, dart boards, darts, games, etc. Beverages including hot tea, coffee, and hot chocolate shall be supplied daily.
Recreation Facilities. As final small lot subdivision maps are recorded for the areas containing a park site as shown on Exhibit F attached hereto, Property Owners shall dedicate the park site(s) shown on each such final map. Notwithstanding the foregoing, upon recordation of the first final map, Property Owners shall offer to dedicate the site identified as the “Sports Park” on Exhibit F.
Recreation Facilities. (i) The Parcel 3 Owner shall on a timely basis perform all Maintenance for the Recreation Facilities Servient Tenement at the Parcel 3 Owner’s sole cost and expense. The Recreation Facilities Servient Tenement shall be maintained in good condition and repair, including all paved surfaces within the portion of the Recreation Facilities Servient Tenement with a paved surface and in a smooth, clean, orderly, safe and good state of repair and condition
Recreation Facilities. If the housing is in an area that has recreation facilities, a letter will be provided, if needed, at check-in. The tenants are responsible for the cost of IDs. The card needs to be returned when leaving. There will be a $25.00 charge (deducted from the deposit) if not returned. Use of the pools or other facilities is strictly at Tenant’s own risk.
Recreation Facilities. The Developer will construct private recreation facilities on that portion of the property being subdivided in compliance with approved plan [specify applicableplan name and number] and this Agreement. (Optionallist type of facilities and construction schedule if not specifically set forth by the approved plan using the following language)
Recreation Facilities a non-exclusive license (the “Recreation Facilities License” and, collectively with the Parcel 3 Driveway Easement, the Parking Easement and the Access Easement, the “Parcel 3 Easements” and, together with the Parcels 1&2 Driveway Easement, the “Easements”)) for the Parcels 1&2 Benefited Parties, to be used in common with the Parcel 3 Benefited Parties, to Access, use and enjoy the Recreation Facilities located on the Parcel 3 Land. The Recreation Facilities License shall include the right of ingress, egress and regress for pedestrian traffic over and across any and all sidewalks, elevators, stairways, paths, valleys and lanes within Parcel 3 Land which provides reasonably direct access from the Parcels 1&2 Land to the Recreation Facilities, as further described on Exhibit C attached hereto and incorporated hereby (the “Recreation Facilities Servient Tenement” and, collectively with the Parcel 3 Driveway Servient Tenement, and the Parking Servient Tenement, the “Parcel 3 Servient Tenements” and, together with the Parcels 1&2 Driveway Servient Tenement, the “Servient Tenements”).