Ministry of Transportation definition

Ministry of Transportation means the Ministry of Transportation for the Province of Ontario or any successor ministry, department or other government body;
Ministry of Transportation or “MoTI” has the meaning set out in Section 34 50 00 of Appendix 6-2 [Technical Specifications];
Ministry of Transportation means the ministry of the minister charged with the administration of the Transportation Act;

Examples of Ministry of Transportation in a sentence

  • The administration, testing, and payment policies, procedures, and practices reflected in this specification correspond to those used by many municipalities and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

  • Petrographic analysis when performed shall be in accordance with MTO (Ministry of Transportation Ontario) Lab Test Method LS 609.

  • The information contained in the “Contract Performance Appraisal” may be provided to the Ministry of Transportation and other government agencies and such performance reviews may be relied upon to disqualify a company from providing a bid on any further request by such entity.

  • All monies paid through the grants system will be funded by central government and paid to the council.

  • Provincial-oriented specifications are developed to reflect the administration, testing, and payment policies, procedures, and practices of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

  • A Design-Build Agreement between the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (the Ministry), the BC Transportation Financing Authority (BCTFA), and Pacific Gateway Constructors General Partnership (the Design-Builder) was signed on December 13, 2019.

  • Where the Owner is required to close any City of London road section the Owner shall have available for submission to the City a Traffic Protection Plan acceptable to the City Engineer (or his/her designate), a schedule of construction for the proposed works on the above-noted street(s) and a detail of the proposed timing and duration of the said works in accordance with the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Transportation requirements within the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7.

  • The Contractor shall be responsible for control of traffic at the work site, in accordance with the most recent copy of the Ministry of Transportation and Highways Traffic Control Manual for Works on Roadways and any applicable WorkSafeBC Regulations for Services performed on City Roads.

  • The approval of the Ministry of Transportation to the rezoning application.

  • In its effort to address this issue the national women’s machinery continues to pursue ‘Women in Politics’ programmes to motivate and inspire women to step into what Tuvaluans view as “men’s world”.

More Definitions of Ministry of Transportation

Ministry of Transportation means the Ministry of Transportation for Ontario;
Ministry of Transportation means the Ministry of the Minister of Transportation or such other member of the Executive Council to whom the responsibility for the administration of the Highway Traffic Act respecting section 7 of that Act may be assigned or transferred under the Executive Council Act;
Ministry of Transportation or “MoT” means the Recipient’s ministry in charge of transport, or its successor thereof acceptable to the Association.

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