Accounting Records Sample Clauses

Accounting Records. Maintain adequate books and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles consistently applied, and permit any representative of Bank, at any reasonable time, to inspect, audit and examine such books and records, to make copies of the same, and to inspect the properties of Borrower.
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Accounting Records. Consultant shall maintain complete and accurate records with respect to all costs and expenses incurred under this Agreement. All such records shall be clearly identifiable. Consultant shall allow a representative of City during normal business hours to examine, audit, and make transcripts or copies of such records and any other documents created pursuant to this Agreement. Consultant shall allow inspection of all work, data, documents, proceedings, and activities related to the Agreement for a period of three (3) years from the date of final payment under this Agreement.
Accounting Records. The Construction Manager shall keep full and detailed records and accounts related to the cost of the Work and exercise such controls as may be necessary for proper financial management under this Contract and to substantiate all costs incurred. The accounting and control systems shall be satisfactory to the Owner. The Owner and the Owner’s auditors shall, during regular business hours and upon reasonable notice, be afforded access to, and shall be permitted to audit and copy, the Construction Manager’s records and accounts, including complete documentation supporting accounting entries, books, correspondence, instructions, drawings, receipts, subcontracts, Subcontractor’s proposals, purchase orders, vouchers, memoranda and other data relating to this Contract. The Construction Manager shall preserve these records for a period of three years after final payment, or for such longer period as may be required by law.
Accounting Records. Accounting records of the Design Professional pertaining to the Project shall be kept on a generally recognized accounting basis and shall be available to the Owner no later than seven calendar days after the Owner delivers a written request for accounting records to the Design Professional. Such records shall remain available to the Owner for eight years after material completion of Project.
Accounting Records. The Design Professional and all Subcontractors shall maintain complete and accurate records in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices in the industry. The Design Professional and Subcontractors shall make available to the City for review and audit; all Project-related accounting records and documents, and any other financial data. Upon the City's request, the Design Professional and Subcontractors shall submit exact duplicates of originals of all requested records to the City.
Accounting Records. Maintain adequate books, accounts and records, and prepare all financial statements in accordance with GAAP, and in compliance with the regulations of any governmental or regulatory authority having jurisdiction over Borrower or Borrower’s business; and permit employees or agents of Lender at such reasonable times as Lender may request, at Borrower’s expense, to inspect Borrower’s properties, and to examine, and make copies and memoranda of Borrower’s books, accounts and records.
Accounting Records. The Contractor shall establish and maintain complete and accurate books, records, documents, accounts and other evidence directly pertinent to performance of work done for the Agency or Agencies under this Contract (hereinafter, collectively, "the Records") consistent with generally accepted bookkeeping practices. The Records must be kept for the balance of the calendar year in which they were made and for six (6) additional years thereafter. The Agency or Agencies involved in this Contract and any person or entity authorized to conduct an examination shall have access to the Records during normal business hours at an office of the Contractor within the State of New York or, if no such office is available, at a mutually agreeable and reasonable venue within the State, for the term specified above for the purposes of inspection, auditing and copying. The Agency or Agencies shall take reasonable steps to protect from public disclosure any of the Records which are exempt from disclosure under Section 87 of the Public Officers Law (the "Statute") provided that: (i) the Contractor shall timely inform the Agencies’ Senior Vice President and Counsel, in writing, that said records should not be disclosed; and
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Accounting Records. Xxxxxx Xxx shall establish and maintain, as to each Trust created hereby, including the Trust Fund and the Lower Tier REMIC, accounting records in which proceeds of the Mortgage Loans and distributions to Certificateholders shall be recorded and in which a record of fully prepaid Mortgage Loans and Liquidated Mortgage Loans shall be kept. At any particular time the aggregate of the amount of proceeds of the Mortgage Loans entered into the accounting records (as reduced by any distributions made in respect of and from such proceeds) shall be considered to be held by Xxxxxx Mae for Certificateholders, it being understood, however, that Xxxxxx Xxx shall have no liability to Certificateholders for the payment of interest on any such amounts so held by it for their account and that, so long as an Event of Default shall not have occurred and be continuing, Xxxxxx Mae’s obligation to remit any such amount to Certificateholders shall be through monthly distributions in amounts computed in accordance with this Trust Agreement.
Accounting Records. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Administrator, SUBRECIPIENT shall maintain accounting records to account for all funds received under this CONTRACT. Said records shall be separate from the records for any other funds administered by SUBRECIPIENT, and shall be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and procedures. Said records must contain information pertaining to receipt of funds for the program(s) for which this CONTRACT provides, authorization to expend said funds, obligations, unobligated balances, assets, liabilities, outlays or expenditures, program income, contributions, and third-party revenue. Said accounting records must be supported by source documentation (such as cancelled checks, paid bills, payrolls, time and attendance records, CONTRACT and subcontract award documents, etc.), and adequate source documentation of each transaction shall be maintained relative to the allowability of expenditures under this CONTRACT. If the allowability of expenditures cannot be determined because records or documentation of SUBRECIPIENT are nonexistent or inadequate according to generally accepted accounting principles and procedures, the expenditures will be questioned in the audit and may be disallowed during the audit resolution process.
Accounting Records. Consultant and all subcontractors shall maintain complete and accurate Records in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices. Consultant and Subcontractors shall make available to City for review and audit all Records relating to the Services. Upon City’s request, Consultant and Subcontractors shall submit exact duplicates of originals of all requested records to City.
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