Players Sample Clauses

Players. 2.1 No officer, agent or servant of a QAFL club shall contact or interview a registered player of an NEAFL Club for the purpose of gaining the services of that player as a footballer without first seeking written permission from the NEAFL Club with which the player is registered.
Players. Acceptable standards of participant behavior include: ❑Treat opponents with respect; shake hands prior to and after contests; ❑Respect the judgment of officials and abide by the rules of the contest; ❑Accept seriously the responsibility of representing the school or parish by displaying positive behavior at all times; ❑Play in a positive manner, reflecting Christian values. Do not bait or taunt opponents. Penalties: ❑Any player ejected from a game because of unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended from the next game and may be subject to additional penalties. ❑ Any player who physically abuses another player, participant or official may be suspended from play for the remainder of the season and may be disqualified from CYO competition.
Players. Any player participating in the controlled scrimmage must have participated in five (5) days of organized practice under the direct supervision of the high school coaching staff in order to be eligible. Varsity, junior varsity and freshman players may be utilized, provided that they have been included in the practices prior to the scrimmage.
Players. Acceptable standards of participant behavior include: ❑ Treat opponents with respect, which means no swearing, taunting, or deliberately hurting another player; shake hands prior to and after contests ❑ Respect the judgment of officials and abide by the rules of the contest and those of your coaches ❑ Accept the responsibility of representing the school or parish by displaying Christian behavior on and off the court, show up on time for practices/games, play your best and clean up after yourself and the team ❑ Practice your faith in what you say and do Penalties: Any player ejected by an official from a game once during a season will be ineligible to participate in at least the next scheduled game played by the team in that activity in the season. Anyone ejected by an official from more than one (1) game during a season will be subject to suspension from participation in all remaining games in that activity in that season and will be required to appear before the Vicariate Athletic Advisory Board. Coaches, parish athletic directors and referees involved in a game in which a participant is ejected will submit in writing/email to the local area coordinator all pertinent information pertaining to the ejection of the participant within 48 hours of the game. The local AC will notify coach as to ineligibility of the participant in any BCA activities.
Players. The number of players competing in the tournament (automatically filled in if you are entering full tournament scores).
Players. ❖ I will always play by the rules. ❖ I will never argue with an official. If I disagree with the decision I will inform the captain, coach or manager during a break or after the competition. ❖ I will control my temper. I understand that verbal abuse of officials, sledging other players and deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviours in any sport. ❖ I will not use bad language, nor will I harass players, coaches, officials, administrators or other spectators. ❖ I will work equally hard for myself and / or my team. ❖ I will be a good sport and applaud all good plays whether they are made by my team or the opposition. ❖ I will treat all players in my sport as I like to be treated. I will not bully or take unfair advantage of another competitor. ❖ I will cooperate with my coach, team mates and opponents. ❖ I will display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat. ❖ I will participate for my own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please parents and coaches. ❖ I will not arrive at the venue intoxicated or drink alcohol at junior matches. ❖ I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of people involved in the game, regardless their gender, ability, religion, cultural background or impairment. ❖ I will thank the opposition and officials at the end of the game. ❖ I will comply with anti-doping policies. ❖ I will not participate in any forms of violent, threatening or abusive behaviour. ❖ I will not take part of any harassment, bullying or defamation posted on Social Networking Websites of TBA or any persons relating to Basketball. ❖ I realise that there are consequences for breaches of these Codes of Conduct, some of which are severe. Note: A player who breaches this code can expect to be placed on a behaviour agreement, irrespective of the outcome of any other disciplinary action. 1a) PLAYERS ETIQUETTE • Take pride in and care of the uniform that you wear. • Always remember your actions and behaviour whilst at home or away at all times reflects on our Association. • Be courteous and show respect for your club and officials. • No cursing or swearing. • Tuck your shirts in during games, show respect to the Officials.
Players. Network may use the Network Player on any Network Website and Affiliate may use Affiliate’s Player or, at Affiliate’s request, Network’s Player on Affiliate’s Website for purposes of making the Authenticate Content Available on an authenticated basis hereunder and hereby grants to Affiliate all necessary rights in connection therewith.
Players. It is the philosophy of the XXXXXX VOLLEYBALL CLUB program to develop respect, discipline, commitment, and a positive self-image in each of the athletes. It is important that each player understand the concept of being a part of a “team." Selfish acts will be grounds for dismissal from the team and club. Every athlete is expected to conduct him/herself appropriately at all times. You will be representing the CVC program. Show respect at all times to coaches, teammates, officials, and parents at tournaments. Be competitive, but not disrespectful toward other JO teams or clubs. Disrespect to anyone will not be tolerated! If it is in the best interest of the program, a player may be moved from one team to another (on a permanent or temporary basis), or to another age division, based on one or more of the following; (1) position, (2) skill level, (3) attitude, (4) needed for tournament play, (5) Loss of player from another team. The coaching committee will have the authority to move a player from one team to another based on above needs. Players may request to be moved to a lower team if he/she feels that he/she is not getting sufficient playing time at tournaments. Teams also may play down an age based on region rankings or up an age based on tournament finishes. Players must be willing to play any position needed by team. If the team finishes its season prior to the official end of the season (final day of USAV nationals), players can be released to participate with other clubs as long as that player has not already committed to playing with CVC and as long as the request for release is submitted to the club in writing. PRACTICE – TOURNAMENTS Understand that practice and training is where you receive the most instruction and experience. Tournament play is only a supplement to participating in Club.
Players. Only those players who have participated in five days of practice and who have full or limited eligibility shall be allowed to participate in this scrimmage, including those players coming directly from a fall sport.