Advisory Board definition

Advisory Board means the Long-Term Care Facility Advisory Board;
Advisory Board has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 5.4.
Advisory Board means the prison industries advisory board.

Examples of Advisory Board in a sentence

  • Members of such Advisory Board shall not be Trustees or officers and need not be Shareholders.

  • The Advisory Board shall have no legal powers and shall not perform the functions of Trustees in any manner, such Advisory Board being intended merely to act in an advisory capacity.

  • Such Advisory Board shall meet at such times and upon such notice as the Trustees may by resolution provide.

  • The PHA has included in the Plan submission a copy of the recommendations made by the Resident Advisory Board or Boards and a description of the manner in which the Plan addresses these recommendations.

  • For Chapter 30B contract waivers, the Community Advisory Board shall make its recommendation to the City Manager no more than thirty days after it is notified of the request for a Chapter 30B contract waiver.

More Definitions of Advisory Board

Advisory Board shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.7.
Advisory Board or "board" means the Utah Motor Vehicle Franchise Advisory
Advisory Board. ’ means a board, whether elected or appointed, which is distinct from the board of directors or board of trustees, of an investment company, and which is com- posed solely of persons who do not serve such company in any other capacity, whether or not the functions of such board are such as to render its members ‘‘directors’’ within the def- inition of that term, which board has advisory functions as to investments but has no power to determine that any security or other in- vestment shall be purchased or sold by such company.
Advisory Board means the Local Government Advisory Board established by section 2.44;
Advisory Board or "board" means the Utah Motor Vehicle Franchise Advisory Board created in Section 13-14-103.
Advisory Board means the Michigan cyber civilian corps advisory board created under section 9.
Advisory Board means the Towing and[,] Storage[,