Personal Leaves Sample Clauses

Personal Leaves. As approved by the Board, personal leaves without pay may be granted in cases of exceptional need for up to six (6) months. Any such leave exceeding one (1) semester shall not be counted toward tenure or promotion or for computing salary increments. These leaves may be extended by the PVPAA upon recommendation of the xxxx for up to one (1) year.
Personal Leaves. A regular employee that has completed probation may request an unpaid personal leave of absence for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days in any one calendar year. All requests must be in writing, must give the reason for the request, must give the expected duration of the leave and must be approved by the 911 Director. A personal leave of absence may be granted to attend an educational institute, or for other reasons deemed appropriate by the Employer other than for FMLA purposes. All personal leaves of absence shall be without pay and benefits. Employees may continue insurance coverages at their own expense during a personal leave of absence. An employee will not accumulate sick leave or vacation time, nor will be paid for holidays which may fall during the leave period. An employee shall not continue to accrue seniority while on an unpaid personal leave. Unpaid personal leave shall extend any time period of reprimand or discipline. When a leave of absence is granted for more than sixty (60) calendar days for any reason, the county does not guarantee that the employee will be reinstated in their former position or to the same grade and step level when he/she is ready to return to work. That decision will be at the discretion of the department head.
Personal Leaves. This section shall cover leaves of absences which are in excess of or not covered by the District’s Family Care and Medical Leave Policy or Pregnancy Disability Leave policy.
Personal Leaves. A. Personal leave, without pay, short term or extended, may be granted an employee. A valid reason must be given to justify personal leave.
Personal Leaves. Personal leave shall be granted to the professional employee at the rate of (3) three days per year. Personal leave may be taken as a full day or half days at the discretion of the employee. Up to (2) two unused personal leave days may be carried over to the next year, with the maximum accumulation of (5) five days per year. In the event an employee has more than (2) two personal days left at the close of the school year, the district will buy the personal days back from the employee at the rate of $125.00
Personal Leaves. A personal leave of absence without pay for periods of up to four
Personal Leaves. (a) The Employer may grant leave of absence without pay to any employee for legitimate reasons. Such permission and request are to be in writing on the standard leave of absence request form at least, thirty (30) calendar days in advance, except in any emergency. The granting or refusal of all such leaves of absence shall be at the discretion of the Employer and shall be made in writing to the employee concerned. A claim that the Employer withheld permission without reasonable cause may be made the subject of a grievance and processed accordingly.
Personal Leaves. 8.8.1 Personal leaves may be granted permanent certificated employees for purposes not listed above. Such leaves shall be in the best interest of the District and shall be granted when the withholding of such a leave would work an undue hardship upon the employee requesting the leave. Such leaves shall not constitute a break in the continuity of service within the District and normally will be granted for only a one-year duration. Certificated employees on unpaid personal leave may continue participation in District group insurance plans by paying their own premiums.